Story So Far (SSF):

When complications hit Mistypack, Saharah (the alpha) decided to take instant action against the invading uprights, shortage of food and overall bad territory. They then put some distance between that territory (around 200 miles worth) even with the new pups of the alphas and betas. Long story short, an enemy wolf was recruited, then turned against them and became alpha by force. Terror and bad times followed his reign and a battle is currently raging.

Kuni and Kari's story can be followed at the Fresh Kill link below the chat box on the right sidebar.

An uprising started by Sako surged through the pack and they revolted against the guards. The battle is raging and wolves from both sides are falling. Who will triumph? Add your attacks to the battle by commenting in the newest post!


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No killing another player unless it is agreed by them and agreed by me

No special powers

No special things like wings or weird colors that are not "Wolf-Like"

No Killing the Alpha and then becoming Alpha on your own will
No being mates with the Alpha and having her/him or have you have pups by the Alpha unless it is agreed by The Alpha.

No Making yourself Beta without permission from the Alpha.

No detailed Mating/Birthing as it can be disgusting to other role-players.

No detailed eating/killing another animal--as it can be disgusting to other role-players.
(You may have it fairly detailed but give a warning in parenthisis e.g: [Warning: Fight scene may be gruesome to some RP's. Proceed with caution] or something.)

No prophacies from Starpack unless given permission from the Alpha/Owner and you are a Healer. Very few exceptions.

If one or more RP's have a planned out plot going on feel free to join but ask before changing the plot slightly.

NO playing out a full plot or changing a plot in (your own) one comment or post!

Be conciderate! No god-mods, please! =)

Start up your own plots if you like, but if it involves the entire pack email or alert the owner/ask for permission before going ahead with a full pack involved plot.


Saturday, February 19, 2011



River/Melanie said...

River trotted contentedly through the forest looking for something unaware of a pair of icy blue eyes watching her. finaly she found a nice Red Wood that was young enough to leap up for her with her lifetime of doing it yet old enough to hold her waight. leaping up it she had a choice of following the stairway pattern way up or just leaping up. she chose the leap up and did so with great grace. finaly pretty high up she lay down on sort of a bed made of branches. she closed her eyes and listened to the birds. suddenly the trunk shook and River jolted awake. she climbed higher and then she looked straight down and saw veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery far down Rasha trying to get at her. River could barly keep her balance it was so halarius to watch her sister try to leap up away from her pups. but she kept quite and slipped down so she was only a few wolves high above her sister and her sisters pups nagging her to catch them some deer. River barked down "Need some help?" Rasha leaped up in surprize and River fell down with laughter(not only humans can laugh!). Rasha barked with scorn and River lept up before Rasha could bite her. this agitated Rasha even more and she ran into the deepest part she could run into in the river then swam to the other side. her pups sad now looked up at River. River looked down at them and then she barked softly to them "lets get her!" the pups wagged their tails with ecitment and River toke lead and led them up river to a shallow part and then they crossed a a log and out came Rasha exausted who sighed and then picked up Imiq and Kodan got on her back and she trotted off River with Nisa and Kapu right behind.(next comment at nursery)

River said...

River leaped up a pine tree that had a low enough branch to get up but high enough that she,in her experiance in tree climbing this way,was safe. she climbed up the ladder that most pines and red woods had and was soon at the highest branch that could support her. she felt safe in the trees because they hid her as no one would think to look up in a tree but she could see everyone down below clearly.

♣✩Leopardclaw♥☯ said...

Kiki heard a rustle and looked up.To her suprise,
she saw River sitting on the highest branch."What are you doing up there River?"asked when she padded to the trunk of the tree.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Frazko stiffened. He whirled around to face his mate, Shenzi.
"SHENZI! GET EVERYBODY OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!" he bellowed, panic in his eyes. His hackles were raised and he whispered in a frantic tone-
"No! This can't be happening! NO!"

☮Alina☯Bailey said...

"What is it?!" Dekota asked as Frazko as he began to panic.

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

Shenzi didnt catch what was going, but sent the pack back as far as would be possible with everyone scrambling to get a look. She then raced back to Frazko. "What?" she asked franticly.

♣✩Leopardclaw♥☯ said...

(i'm i soppose to comment when you are serching for the rabbit poisoner?)

Kiki whiped her head around to see what was going on."What's going on here?"she asked when she reached the patrol.

(if i'm not soppose to comment here right now,delet this comment.)

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(nope! That's fine! Join right in!)
Frazko growled.
"Shenzi! Uprights set traps here! Don't you see?? They're poisoning our food! And their over there!!!" Frazko backed away as he motioned towards the corner of the forest where there was movement behind the trees. (I wasn;t adding spacific movment because I'm not sure where the heck I'm going here. XD Take a lead, Shenzi, Leopardclaw, Alina, River, Echo, anybody!

☮Alina☯Bailey said...

(What do you call bullets on this pack? im just going to call them bullets for now.)
Suddenly a Loud shot noise came from where Frazko had motioned, it hit Dekota in the leg and he imediatly fell to the ground. Meanwhile Alison was watching and ran out as dekota fell. "WHATS GOING ON?!?!?!" She barked franticly as she helped dekota get up and get back to camp.

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

(They'd call them bullets)

Shenzi barked angrily, spotting the upright with the gun, a muscuar male who to her seemed like the alpha. Forgetting fear, she bared her fangs and bolted at him, leaping and attacking him with her sharp fang. Shenzi knewdeep in her mind that this was wrong to do and she should have waited for a plan to be made, but pent up anger at the upwalkers blinded her. She felf the upwalkers blood seep from where her fangs peirced flesh, and all seemed to be going fine, until she was thrown off of the large upwalkers, and heard three consecutive booms from the gun, and felt two of the three bullets embed in her flesh.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Yeah. Bullets. :) ) (Nice, Alina! Thanks!)
Three more uprights came out of a large shiny den and barked loudly. They had more death-sticks with them and they fired them off with loud, angry barks. Frazko leapt forward with a roar of anger at the uprights attacking his mate.
"SHENZI! GET BACK!!!" he bellowed. He realized that they were getting into deeper and deeper trouble every moment they fought the uprights. He let go of the piece of Upright pelt and flesh and knocked Shenzi to the side.
"Get back to the camp! Quick! Stay to the forest and run as fast as you can! Take the patrol with you. Don't bring anybody back! Get them to safety!!!" he snarled as plans zoomed through his head. He felt terrible for making her leave with many wounds and bullets in her but she would only get more if she stayed.
"Quick!" he snarled again. Flare barked at everyone to follow her.
"Dekota! Are you well enough to walk? Hurry! Don't let them get you! Quick! Back to the camp!!" she yelped as she began to run at top speed, others following. Suddenly a upright grabbed a much bigger death-stick and it gave two loud bangs; one pointed at Frazko, one at Shenzi. The starnge long bullets hit both of the wolves and Frazko yelped with pain. He struggled over to his mate and attempted to grab the long thing out of her pelt but, unable to walk, barely, collapsed into uncontiousness.

(I'm trying to leave as much room for you guys to role-play as possible without doing it for you. Sorry If I sort of role-played your wolves! And you can have Shenzi so whatever, but don't have your wolves b able to get Frazko away. Hee hee! Nice, Alina! So many plots available, now!)

☮Alina☯Bailey said...

"I can on three legs" Dekota barked. Suddenly Felicia Jumped out and ran strait up to an upright, no fear, and started licking him. He looked down at her and put a circle looking thing on her neck with a long strand on it, He then pulled her into the large silver den.
As she was beeing pulled into the high Silver and green den, she winked at the other wolves, to notify them that she was planning this.

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

(NO ONE do anything with Shenzi except for Zoraz! Zoraz has permission to use Shenzi when needed!)

Shenzi fell on her side, unable to move. The three bullets lodged in her flesh stung wildly, and the long bullet paining her less. To her, it seemed as if the world was dimming, the pain lessaning as she lost councouisness.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Thanks, Shenzi! I'm honoured. I won't ruin any of your plans, though! :D)
Frazko struggled against the darkness and snarled at Felicia with anger and fear.
"Don't let them get you! What are you doing...?....Don......Don't.....go while you can..........................alert the....the others......others...........stay away.....tell them......" he and Shenzi were dragged onto the Silver den and the den openings were slammed shut. Uprights yelled and barked at each other in a strange tone. They were pointing at the den Frazko and Shenzi were in and two others were grabbing large thick pelts onto their paws and grabbing Felicia.
Flare whirled around and bellowed at Felicia.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!??!?" she snarled at the others to stay there and went flying over to her. "GET BACK HERE!!!! WE NEED YOU! THEY'RE GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" she bellowed at her friend. She shoved over a upright; leaving Felicia free to escape. A upright cowered on the ground as Flare snarled angrily at them. Two more uprights came over waving their paws at Felicia and Flare and made loud bellowing noises as they pointed the death-sticks at them and forced them to begin to back away.
"Come ON!!" snarled Flare to Felicia as she started to retreat.

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

Reamo turned back to the wolves not yet quite involved. "We NEED to get Frazko and Shenzi!" he barked, even though it seemed helpless.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Flare whipped around.
"NO! They can't be helped now! We have to get away before they kill us! Then we'll try to get them back. FELICIA! COME ON!" she bellowed.

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

Reamo faced Flare. "You do relize that as soon as we leave, their going to either leave them in the cages, which would be unlikely, or TAKE THEM AWAY?"

☮Alina☯Bailey said...

"I have a plan! I will get them from the inside, i know they wont kill me." Felicia barked.
"You might want some others to come too."

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Flare finally grabbed Felicia and dragged her backwards.
"It's too late! Frazko told us not to get involved! To go back and warn the pack and not to hep them! They can take care of themselves and it's too late! Their leaving! D oyou think I WANT to leave them!?" Flare growled.
"Come on!" she barked as she rushed towards the camp.

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

Reamo sighed, looking longinly back towreds the cages, feeling loyalty to his packmates, then rushed after them,

☮Alina☯Bailey said...

(She was in the car before them, and shes on a leash! Flare can't pull her away.)

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Whoops! Okay--)
Flare stared in disbelief as the silver-dens moved away--Frazko, Felicia and Shenzi withen them.
"This is bad." she barked suddenly. She whipped around, a determinded look on her face.
"Come on! We have to tell the alphas!"

☮Alina☯Bailey said...

Meli was hiding from everything when she saw another E-speaker ahead, she recognized this one from Jake and Toms capture and death, sudenly she began to speak in english "You have taken Jake and Tom, but you will take no more then Tom, for you killed him" she then jumped on him and bit his hand. Speaking again in english she said "Take me to Jake or I pull it off" and he went to his silver den with her sitting next to him and drove on.

☮Alina☯Bailey said...

Meli was hiding from everything when she saw another upright ahead, she recognized this one from Jake and Toms capture and death, suddenly she began to speak, and the upright understood "You have taken Jake and killed Tom, but i will get Jake back!" She then jumped over to him and bit his hand. "Ok, i'll take you to Jake, and i suppose you want the three other wolves we captured also?" He said, and she understood.
"Yes....Well? what are you waiting for! Lets go!"
"Ok ok, lets go." With that they were into the silver den the uprights called cars and were off.
"So, Why are you attacking our pack?" Meli barked.
"I don't know, orders from the boss, or For you Alpha."
"Well why didn't you ask! You knew you would end up in trouble with us."
"I know. But where i live you dont question the Bos-I mean Alpha."
"Well, you will get fired, or in your case kicked out of the pack."
"Can't you just be a loner?"
"Its a long story, you can't just hunt for yourself, you need money, and the boss pays you money."
"But why can't you hunt for yourself if you hunt wolves?"
"You know, i actually never thought of that, i think i'll quit every human thing and just live like you, can i live in your pack?"
"Sorry, not this one, im not alpha. But maybe once we get the old pack back together you can. As soon as we get Jake and the rest."
The rest of the Ride was silent untill they got to a really big den the uprights call houses or buildings.
"Wheres Jake?" Meli barked.
"He's in one of these cages, you get him and i'll sneak your Betas away."
"Ok" Meli then ran up to a cage with something the upright called a key and unlocked the gate for jake, she then desided to let other wolves free too so they could join the pack. She then directed them all into the back of the silver den.
The upright ran to the silver den Frazko and Shenzi and Felicia were in and Felicia dragged shenzi in her cage to the other silver den and the upright grabbed Frazkos, they put them in the back and Meli got back in her seat with Jake and Felicia in the back seat.
They were soon back to the pack and getting everyone out, Meli and Felicia then leaded, The upright behind with Frazko and Shenzi. When they arrived the Upright opened the cages and slowly took out the long bullets from Shenzi and Frazko, He then carried them into the healers den to recover, he then took the collar and leash off felicia and the rest of the wolves that Meli had freed.

♣✩Leopardclaw♥☯ said...

Kiki helped Meli carrie the injured wolves in to the den and then barked"Are there anymore wolves tht are hurt?"