Story So Far (SSF):

When complications hit Mistypack, Saharah (the alpha) decided to take instant action against the invading uprights, shortage of food and overall bad territory. They then put some distance between that territory (around 200 miles worth) even with the new pups of the alphas and betas. Long story short, an enemy wolf was recruited, then turned against them and became alpha by force. Terror and bad times followed his reign and a battle is currently raging.

Kuni and Kari's story can be followed at the Fresh Kill link below the chat box on the right sidebar.

An uprising started by Sako surged through the pack and they revolted against the guards. The battle is raging and wolves from both sides are falling. Who will triumph? Add your attacks to the battle by commenting in the newest post!


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No special things like wings or weird colors that are not "Wolf-Like"

No Killing the Alpha and then becoming Alpha on your own will
No being mates with the Alpha and having her/him or have you have pups by the Alpha unless it is agreed by The Alpha.

No Making yourself Beta without permission from the Alpha.

No detailed Mating/Birthing as it can be disgusting to other role-players.

No detailed eating/killing another animal--as it can be disgusting to other role-players.
(You may have it fairly detailed but give a warning in parenthisis e.g: [Warning: Fight scene may be gruesome to some RP's. Proceed with caution] or something.)

No prophacies from Starpack unless given permission from the Alpha/Owner and you are a Healer. Very few exceptions.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

A New Threat

Saharah turned sharply and leapt onto the log beside the camp. Everybody knew about the battle, but she needed to hand out commands. She howled loud and long and everybody was soon gathered in front of her.
"As you know, we recieved a threat from another pack that almost killed Nanami." she began. There were sympathetic and horrified glances at the young wolf. "My mate is gathering anybody who will fight. If you are willing to defend your pack- stand up!" she commanded. At least two-thirds of the pack stood and she smiled grimly.
"Good. The rest of you will guard the camp and the pups. Work together to secure the camp- bring branches and anything else you can to help create strong walls." she said as she looked around at the pack. They nodded, their eyes brght with excitment, but also dull with worry.
"Would anybody like to add something?"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


* * * *
That next morning Saharah woke up later than usual. She binked a few times and then yawned and streched, slowly getting to her feet. As she walked towards the creek she noticed most of the wolves were already up and Frazko had sent out a hunting patrol. Many of them were speaking with the newcomers, and a few who looked uncomfortable. She leaped into the stream and gave a gasp as the water hit her fur. It was freezing! Wide awake now, she shook her fur as she climbed out and trotted cheerfully back towards the makeshift camp. Wolves gave her smiles as she walked past and she greeted her friends and packmates warmly.
"Morning, Flare!" she called. Flare turned, a grin on her face.
"Good morning, Saharah!" she grinned back with a nod of her head as she swished her tail in concentraition. She was trying to teach Sako and Delta how to stalk. Saharah leapt on top of the small log in the clearing and gave a long howl for silence. The loners froze and then began to relax and gathered around the log as they heard her howl. Flare and the pups came trotting over and soon everybody was listening.
"Now, before we leave to search for territory again," she began as her eyes sparkled. "a few of us are going to be mentored today!" she barked proudly as the young wolves howled in delight. She became serious again and stepped off the log.
"Kari," she murmured as she stood at attention. Kari smiled slightly as she walked from the clearing. Saharah felt a lump rising in her throat as she saw how big she had gotten. Her fur gleamed and shone in the sunlight and her eyes sparkled. The pups had grown so quickly. Kari stepped forwards till she was close to Saharah.
Saharah inhaled and then spoke loudly and clearly. "You are now six moons old. You have learned much and are cheerful and competitive. You are now ready to be Mentored. Hakara, please step forward." as the pretty wolf padded forward the alpha gave one more deep breath before-
"Hakara, you have shown yourself brave, loyal and true to your pack. You are a good hunter and have good fighting skills. I have chosen you to be Kari's mentor," she barked as she came closer. "May you pass down all your knowledge to Kari as you mentor her." she touched noses with the wolf and barks and howls erupted from every direction as the pack cheered for Kari and Haraka. Kari beamed and then went back to sit beside her new mentor in the crowd.
"Sako." she then called. Her son stepped forward calmly and with a purpose yet excitment showed in his eyes. She smiled as he came close to her.
"Sako you have learned so much in your six moons of life. You are bright and eager to please and are now ready to be Mentored. Tyko, step forward." she commanded strongly as she spotted the young strong wolf in the crowd as he stood. He padded forward and stood, his muscles rippling under his fur.
"Tyko you have proved honourable, loyal, hard working and strong to Mistypack. You have many skills- I have chosen you to be Sako's mentor. May you pass down all your knowledge to Sako as you mentor him." she touched noses with Tyko and then Sako touched noses with his mentor and more cheers and barks exploded from around them as Sako beamed. Saharah turned back and called again-
"Delta," Delta came confidantly forward, so much like his brother and sister, yet so amazingly different. She spoke the ritual firmly but softly as the black wolf stayed perfectly watching his mother.
"Rasho step forward!" she barked suddenly. Rasho made no expression as he walked over to his new apprintice. Delta made no movement but a kind of joy shone in his eyes.
"Rasho you have been loyal to Mistypack, a amazing fighter and a hunter with purpose and agility. I have chosen you to be Delta's Mentor. I trust you to pass down your knowledge to this young wolf as you mentor him with your many skills." she touched noses with Rasho and then both black wolves touched noses. Something happened then. There was no cheers for a second. Only a moment of silence as (HOLY COW I HAD AN IDEA!) the two black wolves stared at each other, both seeming to know something the other didnt before cheers broke out but not as an explotion as had happened before.
Saharah beamed at her pups as they all sat with their mentors.
"And now, Yeti will complete the Mentoring ceremony for Kuni, Manpuku, Kagu and Nanami." she smiled as her mate stepped forward.

(Choose anybody you want except Shade, Rain and Aroko.)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pack Meeting:

Saharah stood up after finishing a rabbit and feeding her pups some of the chewed meat. As she glanced at the sky she saw it was turning to pink; dawn already, she thought as she shook her fur. She sent her young pups over to play with her Beta, Shenzi’s pups and then looked around for a area higher than the ground to address the pack. The young alpha spotted a mossy log and trotted over, then, standing on it she howled for attention. Saharah waited for a moment for the wolves to gather before she spoke.
"I have some news from the Scouts, Rasho and Shade and also my beta Frazko." she began as she looked around at the upturned faces with pricked ears. "You remember Rasho found strange upright things like very hard spider webs, large and long, trapping elk in Mistypack Territory?" she said, more reminding than asking. There were murmurs and nods from the pack as they looked semi-concerned. "Well Rasho and Shade found more of them." she continued slowly. "Containing wolves!" the pack murmurs turned to snarls and barks of hatred and annoyance. Saharah raised a paw for silence and continued. "I discussed this with the beta’s and my mate and we have decided to see if we can help them escape the uprights." she waited for the pack to comment but most of them stayed silent, concidering and thinking it through.
"What can we do? I thought Rasho said it was impossible for wolf jaws to tear through it. How else can we help them escape?" questioned Blaze as he looked at the alpha quizzically. Saharah shook her head.
"We will see what we can do," she stated. "Also Hikari and Kurow were hunting- Hikari tried to kill a large buck but it threw her into a tree and she was hurt. Reamo and Flare are with her with herbs to help her, but she is unable to travel right now-" she said as she began to wrap things up. Murmurs and winces rippled through the pack as they sympathized with the gorgeous young wolf.
"And unless anybody has a question, I need to go see Hikari- she needs rest though, please do not go to her." she dipped her head to the pack and turned to Felicia and said, "I also need you to get a hunting patrol." as she leapt off the log. The pack broke up, muttering and talking with each other about the journey and the trapped wolves.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"We're Moving Out!"

Saharah looked at Frazko.
"Please organize them-you know what to do." she barked as she leapt down, ate her herbs, and then went to her pups. Frazko nodded and jumped up.
"There won't really be groups," he began as he thought quickly. "We will take turns hunting and scouting, but we will have a lead wolf for each group that will control who hunts, scouts or guards. I have chosen what I belive to be the best wolves for each catagory. For the lead Scout--(*sweats*)..Rasho. You will organize a group of two or three wolves to go with you and scout ahead or on high ledges and find out what is near or ahead. For the lead Hunter-- Felicia. You will organize around five wolves to follow your command and hunt for the traveling pack. For the lead Guard-- Kurrow. You will use your strength and cunning to avoid fights, but organize a defence line of wolves if a fight is nessesary. At times, scouting is nessesary, but only to find or keep watch on the enemy--which you can easily have the scouts do. None of you may abuse this power in any way or punishment will be in order. The beta's word is law. Even if you are a lead wolf, if a beta orders something other than what you would've done, do it." he looked around. "Any questions?"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Deceptions & Decisions

Saharah carefully got up from her pups and they curled into a tighter ball to warm each other. She then trotted to the top of the rock in the clearing and gave a loud howl to gather her pack together. They all knew of her pup's death and nobody mentioned it, as Saharah was already stressed. She seemed bright and cheerful today, though. She pranced around on the rock, waiting for them to gather. Her face smiled slightly, but her eyes were worried.
"As you all know, the uprights have been invading in our territory--Rasho's patrol found trapped caribou, there was a poisoned rabbit at the river...all of these have finally led Yeti and I to one decition...We must leave to find new territory."

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Memory Of Tell...

If you haven't heard this sad news, Kurow/Shenzi's dog had to be put down earlier today. If you have ever owned a pet and are a responsible owner you can imagine the pain she is going through. I decided to call in all fan art possible of a malle Border Collie by name of Tell and just a time to pause and remember that a pet is more than a pet--it's a friend...a trusted compainion...
I sat down on my bed, half crying that the dog I never even knew was gone and half smiling--feeling more and more sure that pets do go to heaven and I drew this picture and have it now hanging on my wall.

Fan art would be apriciated! Dont worry if you don't think it looks good--I don't think this picture I drew looks very good either. It's the heart that matters. :)
Just comment in the link.
Thanks, you guys!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saharah's Patrol---

Saharah stood next to the river and inhaled deeply before slowly letting it out again. She cleared her head and set in with determination.
"Let's do this," she said suddenly. She flung herself into the River, Kira close behind. Once they were across they shook themselves and waited for the others. Saharah sniffed and finally said;
"This is where they were taken, look at the prints--" she padded around and suddenly barked in alarm as she slipped and stepped in a huge track from a monster. Her eyes widened and she gasped as she realized just how huge it must have been to make this track.
(By the way, Shenzi....I have no clue who was supossed to be with her.....I know it was only yours and my wolves, though....make some up! XD)
Saharah sniffed at it and noticed that she would easily be able to follow it's scent--even though it reeked of uprights. She glanced around.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Uprights took them!"

Just before Saharah left she jumped onto the large rock to bark--
"The patrol returned from checking out the death of the poisoned rabbit. Uprights!" she paused for the effect of that last dreaded word. Uprights. She waited for the pack to regain attention and then she continued.
"They captured Frazko, Shenzi and Felicia-" this statment was inturupted by shouts and bellows of anger.
"Felicia!? No!"
"Both Betas!!"
"Shenziii!!!" all the wolves were outraged. Saharah raised her tail for silence.
"A few members of the pack and myself are going to try and get them back. Until then, Rasho will act as Beta and you are to obey his commands." Rasho nodded and waited for her to continue. "We will try to return shortly, but we will not return without our loved Pack Members!" she howled. The pack joined in with howls of anger and determination. Saharah smiled and then turned and leapt off the rock. She nuzzled her mate.
"I will return," she whispered. Then she turned to the group of wolves and dashed into the forest.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Misty Pack Fan Art Tribute!

Drew this last night. :) Tribute to Frazko and Shenzi (obviously). Frazko doesn't look as awesome as he should and neither does Shenzi. (But who can capture the power of a wolf in clumsy human art, right?) Shenzi looks pretty good, though, I thought!


(Feel free to leave a link to a pic you have uploaded of Fan Art if you want! It may get featured and even may get an award!!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Trouble In The Camp"

Saharah padded over to the Fresh Kill Pile and sniffed out a rabbit. She started to grab it but then stiffened and her hackles raised slowly upwards.
"Yeti! Come here, quickly!" she barked; urgency in her voice. Several wolves glanced over at the new excitment in the camp. Flare trotted over.
"What's wrong?" she asked the alpha. Saharah shook her head and motioned for her to stay well back.
"Shenzi, Frazko. Keep the wolves at the far area of the camp until further notice!" Saharah grabbed the rabbit carefully and plunked it down on  a clear patch of dirt.
"Yeti! This rabbit was poisoned!"

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Want a drawing of your wolf character or something else? I'll go for it!
Comment below with a discription of what you want drawn.
Rules & Additions:
No humans, that's impossible for me. XD
I can draw some backgrounds and objects, e.g-- cars, roads, stuff like that
If you want it colored, give me color discriptions and I'll do the best I can.
To much detail can ruin the picture- I can only do so much so well.
Don't expect perfection on the picture. I'm not a pro artist- just experianced.

Comment below like the following:
If you don't want something or the animal doesn't have it you can say NA (Not applicable)
*Animal: wolf
*Character From Mistypack:
*Gender: Male
*Stance/Position: Standing, front legs straight one back leg farther back than other. Howling
*Background (yes/no): yes

Expression: Smirk
Special markings: Strange swirls by eyes
Background discription: Stream in a forest by shady area. (Like Shady Glade by southeast MPT --misty pack territory--)
Colored (Will take longer, depending): Yes

There you go! Comment below and I'll get back to you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Caption Contest!

What do you think would fit best on what these animals are saying? Comment what you think and maybe you'll win the Award!
                                                                         (Pic # 1)

                                                                      (Pic #2)
                                                          (Pic #3)
                                                               (Pic #4)

Ready, Set, CAPTION!               

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Saharah's paw was healing very well and she was now almost able to stand on it. She lay in her den resting when suddenly she heard a cry. She jumped to her feet and trotted over towards the Camp Enterance and looked into the depths of the forest. A small female wolf was standing there with three small pups.
"P-please don't hurt us!" the female gasped as she shielded the pups with her body. Saharah smiled kindly.
"I wouldn't do anythign like that. What is the matter? Do you need help?" she asked the she-wolf. The wolf avoided the Alpha's eyes and looked at her pups. She swallowed and finaly looked up.
"My pups are in danger. I can't keep them safe by myself...I...I need help. I need a foster mother to care for them until I am able too. Please!" her quiet voice rose to a desperate yelp. "I need your help! PLEASE!!" she stood back so the pups could step forward and she looked desperatly at Saharah. Saharah looked over for Shenzi.
"Shenzi? Do we have any mothers who could help?" she asked. "Does anywolf know of a foster mother to help?" she barked loudly. Rasho trotted over to see what was going on. Rasho on the female wolf made eye contact and they both inwardly recoiled but outwardly looked semi nervous. Rasho looked at the ground and muttered something about the carribou and turned away and ran into the camp corner.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"We are in luck!"

Saharah limped up the rock and barked loudly for attention. Many wolves were able to get up and walk. The herbs from the Loners were working wonderfuly.
"First I want to thank the loners for helping us in this great time of need," there were barks and howls of apriciation and a few of the loners looked embarrassed. "Secondly, I was over by the Grassy Fields and I spotted a herd of Caribou! They are feeding there and we should have good meat. I am not well enough to go myself and I know many of you arn't either. But if anybody is willing to go and hunt; please step forward. Several wolves stepped forward and Saharah barked out, "Shade will be the leader of the hunt. Anybody else?"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hunting Party

All you who decided to go on the Hunting Party, please go to the Grassy Fields to hunt anythign you can find!
As all of you guys know, I am making a Animation of the Misty Pack and Talho Pack fight. I am on the Intro and I need to know what you guys want done with your wolves. You might as well say all of them but I may not include all of them so say which ones of yours are TOP priority.
I need to know what pose you want. I have the background ideas already.
Here are your options.
1) it will not be the same coloration or exact look. Just same pose--mostly.
2) longer tail and maybe fluffed out a little more.
3) (Maybe altered)
5) the cliff and howling is the whole thing.....
6) This is casual. No whiskers.
8) not the special designs..
9) like this only cartoon obviously...
10) only obviously, again, cartoon
11) similar to this only AGAIN, cartoon...

Please chose your different poses or carefully discribe what you want. Thanks!!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

...After The Battle...

Saharah limped up to the top of the large rock and looked down at what was left of the pack. She didn't need to howl because everybody had already been waiting for Saharah.
"Misty pack...........we've suffered intense losses and injuries....Dekota, Alison and anybody else who knows any manner of Healing will be needed as often as they are able to help. Those who have been killed will need to be taken care of too. But first, please take care of yourself. Five strong wolves joined us from Talho Pack and are of great value at this time. This is Shimmer, Dalto, Krader, Gasho and Trish." she spoke tonlessly and you could tell she was in great pain. She tried her best to lighten everybodies mood slightly in this dark time.
"The sun came out...!....." she said halfheartedly. She knew that they felt as she did, though. Hopeless, Devastated, anguished, miserable..... "Those who were killed in the battle or seriously injured are;
The ones that were killed are;
Tygris and I am not sure of any others yet...the seriously injured are;
Evening and Melanie......Luckily many loners have joined us and are still able to help. Few are Healers but all wolves know some healing. If you are able to heal, please help us!" she barked and then turned and limped down to where Yeti lay in his den.
"Yeti..? Are you....awake..?" she whispered.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"They're coming!!" <-----please read first. **I've added a Playlist on here with wild, fighting music. Perfect. we're ready...**
And please be realistic. There is no way all the wolves will survive *both packs* or not suffer any wounds. That's the hard part in writing....having to kill of your favorite charecter. But sometimes it's just gotta happen..................

Kazrah heard the howls and whirled around and leapt onto the cliff.
"THEY'RE COMING! TALHO PACK IS COMING!!!! GET READY!" she bellowed at the pack. She whirled back around; ready to face the evil that was coming. As if sensing the evil surrounding the place, the clouds came together and hid the sun from view. Minutes ticked by and Kazrah felt the tention rising withen the pack. her heart began to pound and her body tensed up. her muscles began to flex and she crouched a little lower. Saharah had come back with  yeti who was badly hurt. He was safe in a den and being guarded as his wounds were tended. Saharah slapped some herbs on her own and was bravely standing on Kazrah's right side. Kazrah was nervous. ((((You guys, I am seriously HONESTLY sweating in rl. My stomach feels all tensed because of what I'm typing. I'm all tense waiting for the battle to begin. I'm not sure what's going to happen when I'm writing the fight but here goes. yeah, I rlly get into my stories. Quick reminder, no killing Gazmuld, or my wolves from Talho pack. You guys can kill your wolves if you want. You may make maiming wounds but not fatal wounds unless it's your wolf. good  luck! *You can hurt sobodies wolf, just not seriously*)))) Kazrah looked to her right to spot Shenzi also standing beside her. She heard paws comign closer and howls bellowing out accross the forest. She began to breath heavily. Drops of rain fell beside her. Suddenly the skys opened up and rain poured down on them. There was a battle cry and Lightning lit up the sky while Thunder boomed out along with the battle crys as Gazmuld leapt over the low shrubbery.
"GRAAAAH!!!!!" Kazrah and Gazmuld were instantly locked in battle as more wolves poured in. She bit as hard as she could; but this was no random wolf. Gazmuld was a trained wolf who was murderous and blood-hungry. She rolled over on her back and kicked upwards with expert and direct aim and hit Gazmuld square in the stomach. He rolled away from her and she was instantly pinned down by another wolf. She whirled around, her sharp teeth punishing whatever came in contact with them. She kicked, bit, smashed and faught with whatever she had. Several wolves lay dead in front of her and she prayed that it was none of her own. Suddenly she was side by side with Flare. Flare was expertly fighting and brought down a wolf quickly. More wolves still poured in through the Camp Enterance. Kazrah began to pant in rythem with her blows. Flare had been wrestled out of the way and was battling another wolf while Kazrah was faced with Shimmer.
"So your the Alpha! I thought for sure you'd be beautiful, majestic, a expert figh-" Shimmers words were blocked as Saharah slammed into her and knocked her to the ground. There was a loud crunch as Shimmer grabbed Saharah's leg and cracked it in to. Kazrah felt the roar of battle inside her and she glanced around. The camp was swimming with wolves. Blood covered all of them--some of each side and some of their own blood was everywhere. Wolves were taken down and trampled underfoot. Some instantly leapt to their feet, some couldn't get up for a moment, some were never to move again. Saharah was lost under the pack of wolves and Kazrah was beaten down by another wolf. She bit hard into his soft stomach and felt blood pour out as he fell to the ground and she jumped over him and ran to the next wolf to battle. It was total chaos everywhere. Blaze was battling a large wolf at least twice his size. Both had huge gashes all over their bodies. Mist was fighting off several wolves at once as Flare came over to help. Most of Misty Pack had teamed up and were doing well but there were many that Kazrah couldn't see.
"DON'T STOP FIGHTING! FIGHT FOR MISTY PACK! FIGHT FOR THE PUPS! FIGHT FOR YOUR LIVES!! FIGHT FOR YOUR FUTURE!!" bellowed Kazrah. The words were whipped away by the noise of the thunderstorm and the battle but still some heard it and faught harder.

Friday, March 25, 2011

"Get Ready to FIGHT!" Return Quest..

Kazrah suddenly howled long and loud and ran down to the camp enterance.
"THEY'RE BACK!" she howled. "THEY HAVE RETURNED FROM THE QUEST!" the wolves poured in, looking excited but exausted from the journey.
**Pretend Rasho did NOT go with them, BTW**
"You did well, Shenzi! Thank you!" Kazrah barked with enthusiasim.
"We brought Miracle Pack. They said they'd help us fight!" shouted a wolf who had gone on the quest. Kazrah nodded and smiled.
"Thank you! All of you! Now please, if you were a former loner or anywolf who has come to join Misty pack, step forward." ******I will add some wolves, you, Shenzi, will play Miracle Pack, anybody else who has sombody who went on the pack is free to comment, play your wolves, and you can add whoever joined Misty Pack when the Quest was searching. Add any new wolves you want right here. Say what they do and then add them like you were on the Join page or if you want you can Go to the join page to add them but not to comment on here.*************
Wolves eagerly stepped forward as Kazrah asked.
"Alpha, I've come to join your pack. My name is Flare." barked a pretty female wolf. Other wolves crouded around and began to tell Kazrah who they were.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Kazrah howled for attention.
"I am happy to announce that many new wolves have joined! Please welcome, Frazko, Ginger, Evening, Kiki, Dreamer, Wish, Jazz, Spark, Frost, Jade, Haku, Orange, Mist, Salt, and Meli!" this was greeted with howls and barks of approval and excitment. It took a while for everybody to calm down and when they did, Kazrah spoke again. "Also, we have pups that graduated! Congradulate; Nisa, Imiq and Soma! they have graduated to adulthood and are now Hunters and Fighters!"

Friday, March 18, 2011

"We have a new pack member!"

Kazrah howled for attention as she stood at her place on top of the rock.
"I am proud to announce that we have a new pack member! Kiki, welcome to Misty Pack!" she paused as howls and barks rang out as the pack excitedly welcomed the new member. "Also, I am announcing that Shenzi is ready to take on the responsibility of leadership as she is ready to head out tomorrow to search for a pack to help us fight the enemy pack who is led by Gazmuld." ***READ PREVIOUS POSTS AND COMMENTS FROM "FOREST"***
"Shenzi, I, and I'm sure the pack, honours your courage and bravery. Your willingness and sense for adventure I admire. Thank you, Shenzi." Kazrah barked to Shenzi, the Beta. **Notice, Shenzi--you can post about the quest as early as middle day -your time- tomorrow. You don't have too, but you can. You don't HAVE to comment either. All you really need to do (come to think of it) is say in a post or tell me what happens in the journey so I can post it and then you can 'find' the pack. You can have loners join the quest or battle and injure sombody (even mine) but no killing of OTHER wolves except yours if you wish it. Thanks!!**

Kazrah nodded aproval at Kiki and then turned and leapt off the rock.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Get Ready To FIGHT!!"

Kazrah leapt onto the large rock, Saharah and Shenzi by her side. She didn't need to howl this time as everybody had been waiting anxiously for a reply to the possible invading pack.
"We have decided what to do. Shenzi, Rasho, Yeti, Gem, Dekota, Tygris, Trajj, Alison and Tajo will go in search of a pack who are willing to help us fight Gazmuld's pack. **((The pack will be Miracle Pack))** Go by way of the Forest** and begin your search out from there. You may leave when you are ready. Also, Orange, River, Talia, Barskit, Melanie, Rasha, Mist, Leezor and Bailey; you will now begin practicing fighting with yourselves and the pups. All of the pups. **((Do the poll please! New one! About the Pups! And note that I have not mentioned all the wolves. This is not an acedent.))** You may practise anywhere you like. I want no real wounds though! Okay, does everybody understand?" she looked for their reactions as she finished talking. Most of the wolves nodded and others just looked excited. Tajo was flexing his muscles and baring his teeth in a practising manner. Rasha looked dissapointed. Mist was narrowing her eyes as if ready for the long battle ahead. Everybody seemed ready to take on new oponents. Saharah looked somewhat dissapointed as she stared at Yeti...

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Kazrah had just finished explaining Rasho's story on the rock. She was now lounging in the middle of the camp. It was a nice day, not to hot and not too cold. Wolves were still recovering from the previous attack but they were doing well. As it turned out-- Rasho had given Kazrah the herbs but had rushed back into the forest for more and thats why it seemed like he had left o she wouldn't see him. Kazrah pricked her ears suddenly. Rasho had left the camp earlier that morning and she wondered if it was him. She sniffed the air and felt her hackles raise. There was Rasho's scent, yes....but there was another wolf's scent.
"IT'S YOU!" came Rasho's sudden cry froma distance outside the camp. Several wolves jumped at the sudden sound. Kazrah leapt to her feet and stood her ground, awaiting whatever was behind those bushes.
"Who's there? Show yourself!" she barked harshly. Yelps and barks of joy were coming from outside the camp clearing and suddenly Rasho came leaping out, eyes shining, and he whirled around waiting for whoever it was to follow. A sly and handsome looking young wolf about Rasho's age came leaping gracfully out after him. Rasho's eyes were bright as he headbutted the wolf afectionatly.
"Ah, Frazko! I knew you'd find me one day." Rasho was grinning. But this grin was different. This was a satisfied happy grin--not that smirking grin her kept having. Kazrah was glad that Rasho was so happy with his friend.
"Frazko, Rasho's told me about you. How has your journey been? I'm sure you are hungry...?" she asked as she turned towards the kill-pile. Frazko nodded enthusiasticly. Rasho whispered something to Frazko and he nodded.
"So you are the Alpha of the pack, I hear. I have travled a long distance and I have much news to discuss. I figured Rasho here would go and find himself a pack!" she exclaimed as he shoved his friend good naturedly. Frazko and Rasho shoved eachother and began to playfully wrestle with each other. Kazrah brough back a freshly cought Carribu.
"Mist just caught this. Help yourself!" Frazko dove into it, gulping great mouthfuls of meat. After a moment he swallowed and looked at Karah and Rasho who were anxiously awaiting the news.
"Gazmuld is on the move. He is very angry that you escaped. He is headed in this direction, although he is many moons away. This pack could be in very grave danger if he meets here." he said in a low voice. Saharah was sitting next to Kazrah and she narrowed her eyes and concentrated.
"How many are there, Frazko?" she asked suddenly. "Would we be able to win a battle with some luck?" Frazko shook his head.
"No. They have way to many wolves on their side." he glanced around the camp. "Gazmuld has gathered many more wolves...probably twenty five to one in this pack." he said. He lowered his head again and ate some more. Kazrah looked troubled. Rasha came forward from the circle that had gathered around them and she spoke.
"Should we flee to a new territory..?" she asked.
"The pack is already wounded fromthe last battle." Tajo barked. More wolves flooded Kazrah, Saharah, Shenzi and Frazko with questions.
"Silence!" howled Kazrah suddenly. The pack fell silent at once. Their eyes were wide as they began to panic. "Frazko said they are many moons away from us. I trust him. Frazko, Rasho, Saharah and Shenzi will discuss this with me and I will then discuss it with my pack. Until then, carry on as if you had never heard this conversation." Kazrah dissmissed her pack with a nod and they began to scatter slowly, a low murmur from all the wolves discussing it with themselves.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Invaders Part 2: "Insucure welcoming."

Mist walked back into camp, her head held high as she carried a very large deer over her back. She tossed it onto the ground and glanced around at the pack.
"Come on! It's not getting any fresher," she barked at the wolves around her as she began to tear off strips of meat. Kazrah came over and sat hunchd beside Mist.
"You wanted to talk, Mist?" she asked as she also began to eat.
"Yes, Kazrah. I join this pack...I know it looks like I'm crazy and a wolf trying to get to the inside of your pack, but it's honestly not! I can't tell you why.......I can't...I can't tell you the whole story...." Mist murmered, her head hanging low. Kazrah thought for a moment.
"Okay...You can join. But remember, I'm trusting you...." she muttered as she stood up. She leapt to the top of the rock and howled loud and long.
"I have come to a dicision! Rasho and Mist will join Misty Pack. Let it be known that if I see one of you being hostile, your in for it!" she barked at her pack. She nodded at Mist and then spoke again.
"She will take the place of Hunter/Fighter. Meeting is over," she jumped down from the rock and walked over to Mist.
"Mist of Misty Pack..." Mist laughed quietly. "Thank you, Kazrah. Thanks a lot." she woofed quietly as she walked past her leader towards her den.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Kazrah leapt on top of the rock and began to howl. Suddenly she stood rigid and perked her ears towards the bushes. Not another invader! No! Not another invader! she thought desperatly. Her pack was already severely wounded and she didn't know if they could survive another fierce attack like that.
"Shenzi, Saharah, stand by. Protect the nursery, one of you!" she barked as she leapt back off the rock and sniffed the air for hints of the intruder.
"Don't hurt me! Please! Help me!" a voice yelped from the bushes. A gorgeous wolf pushed herself from the bushes, a small wolf huddled next to her, eyes large with wonder and awe of the wolves he was standing before. Kazrah leaned over towards Shenzi and softly whispered; "It may be a trick....but I don't think so..." then louder she said, "I am Kazrah, leader of Misty Pack. What is your name? Do you want to shelter here?" she asked carefully.
"My name is Mist. I was run out of my den and my mate dissapeared. He said he would return but I haven't seen him in three moons. This is my pup, Rasho. If we may I would like to join your pack. I will fight loyaly! My pup is getting stronger, you see he is half grown, he will fight bravely and strongly too!" her eyes were eager. Her posture was also eager and waiting. She looked like she could fight very well.
"Mist, I must discuss this with my Beta's but you are welcome to stay here. You and Rasho. But be warned, if this turns out to be a trick, you will suffer." she spoke firmly but not threateningly. Mist nodded eagerly.
"You won't regret it, Kazrah!" she yipped happily. After being gestured to a den she sat down and began talking urgently and quietly to Rasho, just low enough for nobody else to know what they were saying.
"Saharah, Shenzi, come with me. The rest of you..." she lowered her voice. "I'm not sure this is a trick, but it could be. Be cautious but not unfriendly or unwelcoming. Don't act suspicious either. And be sure to casualy guard the nursery." she then turned and walked into her den, Saharah following.

Monday, February 28, 2011

New Wolves!

Kazrah leapt onto the rock and howled for attention.
"We have new wolves joining us! Please welcome; Gem, Salt, Orange, Baskit, Yeti, Trajj, Alison, Dekota and my new second Beta, Saharah!" howls echoed around the clearing and Saharah proudly stepped up next to Shenzi, in her place close to the rock, ready to protect Kazrah or stop any fights below. Saharah smiled at Shenzi and then looked around at her new pack.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Kazrah walked out of her den, eyes wide and ears perked.
"Wha-" she muttered as she saw another wolf slunking into the camp. Then it hit her. It wasn't one of her pack! "INTRUDERS! WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" she howled, instantly the wolf jumped to his feet and four more came out behind him. Kazrah waited no longer and threw herself into the midst of the wolves.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Wolves!

"Barroooooooowooooowoo!!" silence fell over the pack as Kazrah howled. "We have new wolves joining us!" she howled happily. Howls and barks of excitment and happyness filled the air for a moment. Then as it quieted down, Kazrah beconed the new wolves forward.
"Rasha, Dakota, Nisa, Kapu, Melanie, Soma, Imiq, River...Welcome to, MISTY PACK!" she howled loudly and other wolves followed her lead. Again, after it had quieted down, she nodded to Shenzi.
"Take them around the camp, please and show them their dens according to their rank." she smiled at the pups and showed them towards Leezor's pups so they could play. Yes, things were definatly coming along sooner than she had hoped!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Wolves!

Kazrah jumped on top of the large rock in the middle of the clearing and howled for everyones attention.
"Rowoooooooooooh!" once everybody was quiet she spoke. "I would like to welcome you to my pack. We have new wolves! Shenzi is now the Beta wolf, We have a new Hunter, Leezor! A new Fighter, Talia! And Their pups, Tygris, learning to be a Hunter, and Reamo, learning to be a Healer!" howls of happyness and excitment echoes through the forest for a moment before Kazrah hushed them again.
"Now follow Shenzi* and she will show you the Camp*." Kazrah smiled her warm smile and then trotted back into her Den and lay down on the soft moss and feathers. Things could go smoothly round soon as there were more wolves!

(*****If you have a complaint or anything, go to the Alpha den. She will be there or I will leave a comment saying where she is. Also, you can ask the Beta for things but make sure to check wit Kazrah. If it is a real problem, contact me on the C-box or main comments. * means thats where they went. If I said, Kazrah walked over to her den, grabbed some leaves, and then trotted to the lake*. That would mean that my next comment is posted at The Lake link. You can find the different links on the side bar on the right.*****)

Join Page!!

Here is where you can Join Misty Pack!

NO: Super powers,
special things like Wings,
crazy coloration,
rude discriptions,
making yourself Alpha without permission,
Pictures MUST be real.
No paintings, animations or other than REAL pictures. :-)
No pretending to be related to another wolf that is not your own without permission from the wolf's Role Player.
Here an example of what to do:

Name: Kahlko
Gender: male
Discription: handsom red colored wolf with grey and black markings.
Hunter/Fighter/Healer: Fighter/hunter
Personality: Likes to show off, also likes to please others. Hard worker.
Mate/Crush/Kin: Kin: (You can have the kin in the pack too) No kin, no mate, Crush, Kira.
Queen(?): No.
Pic: http://www----com/

Other things--:
I can find you a pic if you want.
I have the perfect right to delete your wolf(s) if you are innactive for too long (several weeks) or are going against the rules past your three warnings.
You may do multipul wolves in one comment, but you must have seperate Name, Gender and averything. Not:
Name: Shalko, Kira, Kahlko.
Gender: Male Female Male.
Got it? GREAT!


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