Story So Far (SSF):

When complications hit Mistypack, Saharah (the alpha) decided to take instant action against the invading uprights, shortage of food and overall bad territory. They then put some distance between that territory (around 200 miles worth) even with the new pups of the alphas and betas. Long story short, an enemy wolf was recruited, then turned against them and became alpha by force. Terror and bad times followed his reign and a battle is currently raging.

Kuni and Kari's story can be followed at the Fresh Kill link below the chat box on the right sidebar.

An uprising started by Sako surged through the pack and they revolted against the guards. The battle is raging and wolves from both sides are falling. Who will triumph? Add your attacks to the battle by commenting in the newest post!


Keep watch for posts informing followers of a possible Sequel blog to Mistypack.




No killing another player unless it is agreed by them and agreed by me

No special powers

No special things like wings or weird colors that are not "Wolf-Like"

No Killing the Alpha and then becoming Alpha on your own will
No being mates with the Alpha and having her/him or have you have pups by the Alpha unless it is agreed by The Alpha.

No Making yourself Beta without permission from the Alpha.

No detailed Mating/Birthing as it can be disgusting to other role-players.

No detailed eating/killing another animal--as it can be disgusting to other role-players.
(You may have it fairly detailed but give a warning in parenthisis e.g: [Warning: Fight scene may be gruesome to some RP's. Proceed with caution] or something.)

No prophacies from Starpack unless given permission from the Alpha/Owner and you are a Healer. Very few exceptions.

If one or more RP's have a planned out plot going on feel free to join but ask before changing the plot slightly.

NO playing out a full plot or changing a plot in (your own) one comment or post!

Be conciderate! No god-mods, please! =)

Start up your own plots if you like, but if it involves the entire pack email or alert the owner/ask for permission before going ahead with a full pack involved plot.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saharah's Patrol---

Saharah stood next to the river and inhaled deeply before slowly letting it out again. She cleared her head and set in with determination.
"Let's do this," she said suddenly. She flung herself into the River, Kira close behind. Once they were across they shook themselves and waited for the others. Saharah sniffed and finally said;
"This is where they were taken, look at the prints--" she padded around and suddenly barked in alarm as she slipped and stepped in a huge track from a monster. Her eyes widened and she gasped as she realized just how huge it must have been to make this track.
(By the way, Shenzi....I have no clue who was supossed to be with her.....I know it was only yours and my wolves, though....make some up! XD)
Saharah sniffed at it and noticed that she would easily be able to follow it's scent--even though it reeked of uprights. She glanced around.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Uprights took them!"

Just before Saharah left she jumped onto the large rock to bark--
"The patrol returned from checking out the death of the poisoned rabbit. Uprights!" she paused for the effect of that last dreaded word. Uprights. She waited for the pack to regain attention and then she continued.
"They captured Frazko, Shenzi and Felicia-" this statment was inturupted by shouts and bellows of anger.
"Felicia!? No!"
"Both Betas!!"
"Shenziii!!!" all the wolves were outraged. Saharah raised her tail for silence.
"A few members of the pack and myself are going to try and get them back. Until then, Rasho will act as Beta and you are to obey his commands." Rasho nodded and waited for her to continue. "We will try to return shortly, but we will not return without our loved Pack Members!" she howled. The pack joined in with howls of anger and determination. Saharah smiled and then turned and leapt off the rock. She nuzzled her mate.
"I will return," she whispered. Then she turned to the group of wolves and dashed into the forest.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Misty Pack Fan Art Tribute!

Drew this last night. :) Tribute to Frazko and Shenzi (obviously). Frazko doesn't look as awesome as he should and neither does Shenzi. (But who can capture the power of a wolf in clumsy human art, right?) Shenzi looks pretty good, though, I thought!


(Feel free to leave a link to a pic you have uploaded of Fan Art if you want! It may get featured and even may get an award!!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Trouble In The Camp"

Saharah padded over to the Fresh Kill Pile and sniffed out a rabbit. She started to grab it but then stiffened and her hackles raised slowly upwards.
"Yeti! Come here, quickly!" she barked; urgency in her voice. Several wolves glanced over at the new excitment in the camp. Flare trotted over.
"What's wrong?" she asked the alpha. Saharah shook her head and motioned for her to stay well back.
"Shenzi, Frazko. Keep the wolves at the far area of the camp until further notice!" Saharah grabbed the rabbit carefully and plunked it down on  a clear patch of dirt.
"Yeti! This rabbit was poisoned!"

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Want a drawing of your wolf character or something else? I'll go for it!
Comment below with a discription of what you want drawn.
Rules & Additions:
No humans, that's impossible for me. XD
I can draw some backgrounds and objects, e.g-- cars, roads, stuff like that
If you want it colored, give me color discriptions and I'll do the best I can.
To much detail can ruin the picture- I can only do so much so well.
Don't expect perfection on the picture. I'm not a pro artist- just experianced.

Comment below like the following:
If you don't want something or the animal doesn't have it you can say NA (Not applicable)
*Animal: wolf
*Character From Mistypack:
*Gender: Male
*Stance/Position: Standing, front legs straight one back leg farther back than other. Howling
*Background (yes/no): yes

Expression: Smirk
Special markings: Strange swirls by eyes
Background discription: Stream in a forest by shady area. (Like Shady Glade by southeast MPT --misty pack territory--)
Colored (Will take longer, depending): Yes

There you go! Comment below and I'll get back to you!