Story So Far (SSF):

When complications hit Mistypack, Saharah (the alpha) decided to take instant action against the invading uprights, shortage of food and overall bad territory. They then put some distance between that territory (around 200 miles worth) even with the new pups of the alphas and betas. Long story short, an enemy wolf was recruited, then turned against them and became alpha by force. Terror and bad times followed his reign and a battle is currently raging.

Kuni and Kari's story can be followed at the Fresh Kill link below the chat box on the right sidebar.

An uprising started by Sako surged through the pack and they revolted against the guards. The battle is raging and wolves from both sides are falling. Who will triumph? Add your attacks to the battle by commenting in the newest post!


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Monday, November 19, 2012


Sako raced through the forest, his paws pounding the earth. Adrinaline and excitement surged through him as it never had before. The storm brewing overhead caused his fur to feel sticky with tension. He dodged trees and leapt across rocks. His energy never ebbed the whole way to the camp. As he arived he saw a patrol of Mistypack wolves exiting to hunt and he gestured them to follow, which they did, shocked that he was alive. He silenced their whispered questions with a flick of his ears and slid back to the back area of the camp where the majority of wolves were. Delta was lying by the edge of the camp, waiting for Sako. He knew Kra had gone after him and he was sure he'd be the first to hear.
"Delta, the uprising's begun!" Sako hissed in his ear, barely sheltered in the small brush around him. Delta didn't move his head but a smile spread across his face along with grim detirmination.
"I'll spread the word, brother." he murmured and stood up, streching casually and strolling over to Hikari.
"The uprising has begun. Spread the word to another and meet behind the sand pit," he muttered in her ear. He then turned and saw several guards eyeing him so he pretended to sniff the measely kill pile and say something about hunting before he leapt out towards where Sako, the hunting party, Kra and more wolves were joining.
Karuso lounged on his rock, his eyes half closed. Everything was beyond perfect. A guard was grooming his fur. He saw Delta automatically knowing to keep the kill pile full for his leader and smiled slightly. They were finally submitting to him.
Nothing was further from the truth.
Kra and Sako were hastily explaining to the wolves who were going to go on patrol; Kurow, Endure, Aroko, Rawen and Storm. When they had finished, the light of battle was already shining in their eyes. Rawen stepped forward with a slight bow.
"I'll fight till my last breath, Sako!" he declared. Sako felt his fur grow hot and he blinked.
"Don't bow to me, Rawen," he muttered. "I'm not your alpha or anything. I'm just, well..." a grin played at the corners of his mouth. "leading the whole pack into battle."
Almost the whole pack was gathered behind the sand pits. Other had stayed so as not to arouse to much suspicion.
"Sako! When do we plan to attack?"
Sako rose his head as a flash of lightning flashed above and the first drops of water began to fall. His next words were bellowed into the dark sky and across the mountains around them.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Sako shoved his shoulder against the edge of the pit for what seemed like the millionth time. He was weakening in body, but strengthening in spirit. If he could just get those guards to leave he might be able to get out of here. He could get back, talk to Hikari maybe, and get the revolution against the tribal wolves started! He stepped back a few steps and lunged again, throwing the whole weight of his shoulder against it. Pain suddenly seared through his leg and he gritted his teeth, staggering back.
"Agh," he muttered. He had landed full on a sharp point in the walls. He tested his weight on the leg. He could stand easily. Luckily it wasn't going to stay painful--it was only a bruise. He glanced up subtly and saw the guards watching him and muttering to themselves. A plan formed swiftly in Sako's mind and he tested his leg again, this time yelping shrilly and falling onto his haunches, pretending to whimper in pain. This caused even more muttering between the two guards, as well as evil smirks and grins. Sako made a great show of not being able to use that leg, getting up and whimpering and then yelping when he even bumped it. 
"Hah. He can't do anything now, he's even more hepless. It's not like he can get out anyway." one guard said to the other two.
"Yeah, come on, I'm starved. Lets grab some elk or something." the other growled. The third one stayed beside the pit though.
"No, we shouldn't. If Karuso or Oki knew-"
"Oki and Karuso aren't here!" the first speaker turned and snarled, cuffing the wolf on the side of the face.
"You're scared of little, bitty, runt Oki?" the second wolf said, his eyes glittering with malice.
"I-I'll tell Oki how you two haven't been following orders to watch the p-pit..." he almost whispered. This was the wrong thing to say. Sako had stopped yelping and whining and had paused in the shelter of a area in the shadows where he could watch them.
"Well, we can't have that can we?" the first wolf, Rouge shook his head in mock sympathy. Tasho, the second wolf nodded, his ears flat down in mock sadness and dispairing sympathy.
"We can't have you scared by the little runty pup, can we, Kra? No, no." Tasho joined in, moving in towards Kra. Even though his face showed sadness, his eyes showed murder. Sako felt himself grow sick watching the wolves turn on each other.
Kra's legs were shaking. His eyes had turned to pure fear.
"L-look, guys...all I meant, was.....well..."
"YOU'RE A BUNCH OF COWARDS!" bellowed Sako from below. He didn't know what had made him yell it. Maybe it was the same fear in Kra's eyes he had seen in his brother's, maybe it was just pent up anger. Tasho and Rouge stopped, glaring down at Sako. Kra didn't take his eyes off of the two wolves. His head was lowered and he started to try and slink futher back but Rouge lunged suddenly, grasping him and shoving him halfway over the edge, holding him for a moment to stare into his eyes.
"You'll be safe from Oki here." he hissed. Kra's eyes widened and then Rouge let go and Kra plunged to the bottom of the cave. Sako leapt out as he fell and softened his blow, letting him roll off of his back and onto the ground.
"Bad luck," growled Sako.
Up above the two wolves snickered and bounded off, licking their lips in anticapation.
Kra stood up, the fearing look in his eyes were gone.
"Bad luck? Hah. No way. I was trying to get in here."
Karuso smiled at all the wolves doing his bidding. Things were great. He had a whole pack of wolves doing whatever he told them to do and food whenever he wanted it. Some of the guards seemed to have been acting strangely, but the whole pack was strange--if they started acting up he could simply kill them. He had released Delta and the others at the point of another guards who pointed out that they would be of better use hunting elk and catching food for his majesty. "His majesty". Karuso liked the sound of that. All he had to do now was to get rid of Oki. Or maybe he would keep him around for a short while...
Sako snorted.
"Right." he rolled his eyes. Was Kra really going to try and play it off like this?
"No, really, Sako. You're brother sent me. I'm with you guys. I'm going to help the revolution." he barked taking a step forward.
Sako turned. He still didn't believe him fully, but hope soared in his chest.
"What's my brother's name and where did you hear about this so-called revolution?" he growled.
"Delta. Brother of Kari. Your mom is Saharah, mate of Yeti. I've been on your side since we came here. I've just not been able to prove myself. There's a whole team of guards who are for your pack. I managed to get Delta and the others out of the pens. Their doing fine. Their spreading the word about the revolution right now, that's why I got down here. Delta said you two had been training specially? Figuring out better ways to fight or something. Ways to get out of a seemingly impossible situation or something?"
Sako laughed a little.
"Sort of. I've been waiting for you guys to leave before I try to get out. I guess this is my chance. Whats the plan so far?"
Kra nodded and glanced upwards before speaking in a low tone.
"The guards are mingling with the others. Everybody is ready to attack, we're just waiting for the order."
Sako cocked his head.
"Who's going to give the order? Who have we been waiting for?" he asked.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Karuso & Oki

Karuso howled for attention. The wolves of Mistypack were thinner than before. The majority of the food they caught was given to the guards and food was getting scarce as winter closed in. Several wolves, including Rawen, Nanami and Shur`tugal were locked in The Pens--prisoners for stealing prey to feed themselves and others.
The pack gathered. Some defiant, some shivering, not even caring, and others like Saharah just had a dull submission.
"I have decided to revoke the rule of no two wolves together by themselves." he barked, giving his typical winning smile and almost looking friendly. Saharah glanced around. How long had it been sense she had spoken with Shenzi? How many long moons had passed sense she left Yeti? How many pawcounts of moons had it been sense she was the alpha and the pack was thriving? She looked back at the ground. Her ribs stuck out and her eyes were sunken in. Her fur was matted in areas and she looked purely defeated. The pack all looked similar to their former alpha. Covered in dirt, matted fur, thin and gaunt.
Wolves stood beside each other. Murmurs broke out as they conversed again. Karuso dipped his head and went into his den, beconing to Oki.
Saharah staggered to the edge of the camp. The days were getting colder. She felt the recurring hunger that had grown to be a part of her. It gnawed at her. Saharah shut her eyes...she could hardly remember now what those days of happiness had been. Her life before the tribe. Before starvation. Before uprights. Before Yeti...before she had become alpha...Back when her life was simple. When she bounced and bounded along through the forest, wondering what would happen next and loving every moment of exhileration in a fight. Her coat had been a gorgeous tan and brown color tinged with black and silver. Her eyes had sparkled. She had met Yeti and they had a litter of pups. Talking by the stream with Shenzi, her best friend. Raising her pups and training them. Had she not once thought life was glorious? That it could in no way get even better? She felt a cold breeze and opened her eyes. Rasho and Shade were beside each other once more. Shade had been such a good influence on Rasho...They both still looked strong. They had continued forcing themselves to eat grass, bark, whatever they could and they continued training when they could to stay strong. Their coats were also matted and they now were licking out the burrs and cleaning the others fur. She looked to the left near the kill pile. Guards were hanging around everywhere. She saw Delta walking across the clearing to her. He was so grown up now. He had matured into a strong black wolf.
She wagged her tail and he wagged his, breaking into a trot. He also looked strong. She was glad. At least her pups weren't looking so bad.
"Delta. My son.." she murmured. He rubbed against her lovingly.
"Mom..." they said nothing for a moment as they leaned against each other.
"Where is Sako?" she asked. Her voice seemed to be changed to her ears. Delta looked at the ground, a slight narrowing of his eyes told her it wasn't good news.
"He was taken to the Cave this morning..." he said after a while. Saharah felt tears well up in her eyes.
"Sako." she whispered hoarsely. "Why? What had he done?" she rasped. Delta said nothing. His eyes stayed on the ground. Saharah felt a chill run down her showing spine.
"What had he done." she asked again, her voice slightly clearer. Delta's voice was near a whisper.
"He faught a guard...three of them..." Saharah shut her eyes. This was an offence punishable by death. Hardly any wolves got taken to the Cave. The Cave was a cold, deep, stone pit. Many guards guarded it and you were not fed for three days. No food, no water and no shelter for three long days.
"What else...that's not all is it...Delta, tell me!" she coughed again, her whole body tensing as she did. Delta let his head fall.
"He killed two of them." he muttered.
", my son! They'll kill him!" she cried out, leaning against the tree beside her in misery. What had this pack become? Delta looked at her. There was nothing to say as she sobbed. He turned and left. He too was looking strong and fit.
Karuso looked at Oki.
"What have you decided to do to Sky, Rawen and Delta?" he asked.
In The Pens, Rawen glanced at Shur`tugal and Nanami.
"What I wouldn't do for an elk right now..." he said with a light laugh.
"You know they revoked the no-two-wolves-talking rule? Well listen up." he leaned in and shouldered beside them, drawing in the other five prisoners also.
"We're almost there. The revelation is close!"
(Sorry for God Modding some wolves of yours, you guys! Feel free to role play any of the prisoners. There may be up to two more wolves with Sako. RP any wolves in The Pens.)

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hey! Oki here. To the point: I'm in a bad mood and tired of there being NOTHING happening on here. My solutions could be better, but I'm in a bad mood due to not sleeping for days, so just deal with it.

This is a temporary post and plot line This is not ment to be anything more than a temporary idea until someone can come up with a better one. I will delete this post when there's something better. Or if Ziraz us annoyed with me. Whichever comes first.
To the post!


It was a dark cold night. The moon was stark white, hovering above the camp. Everyone was asleep when an ear-splitting howl echoed over the forest, almost as if submerged under water. Oki's eyes shot open. He peered into the clearing, but nothing was there. A few other wolves and a handful of guards also peered into the clearing. "Come with me." he whispered, his tone harsh and commanding. He led out of camp, the foitsteos if his pack behind him. The scent of blood was overwhelming. Thirty feet away from the camp entrance, a wolf lay fdead, it's throat torn open, the obvious victim of murder.

Slowing Down

Way late post for "slowing down". As you've noticed, there has been hardly any (none) posting or activity going on in the way of Role Playing. School has started (for me, anyway) and so there's that much more on my to-do list. No plans or plots have been going on in my head like usual, so there is a lot less activity. However, I am starting to work on an all new animation on Mistypack! This one I have vowed to finish. Let's see how *this* vow goes! Ha ha!
So thank you for your patience- I am trying hard to figure out a new storyline to continue on Mistypack. Thank you, loyal followers!

Sky- here's the pic I promised! Sudden stroke of drawing ability. She isn't looking proud--somehow my mouse wasn't allowing me to draw it right (Blame the mouse...), but she is the first drawing in the new manga style I have been testing! =)

                                                  I personally like how it turned out.
I hope to get up and running again by next week at least. If you have any plot ideas please
send them to
Thank you, pack members!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


It was a warm, sunny afternoon. A group of wolves were out hunting, accompanied by a few guards. All of the sudden, Kurow, who was leading the hunting patrol, paused. "Did anyone else hear that?" Everyone stopped. A low growling sound rumbled through the clearing. A large brown shape barreled though the trees, followed by two others a few seconds later.
"BEARS!" Kurow called out. A moment later, the bears crashed into the clearing and attacked the patrol.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Karuso's Law

Karuso nodded to Hikari and turned back to the great rock.
"WOLVES OF MISTYPACK!" he bellowed. The wolves turned and looked up at him, automatically bowing but still defiant. The alpha glanced around for effect and then spoke.
"From now until I am no longer alpha, no two wolves of the same or of opposite gender are permited to walk, hunt, or stay together in the same den without a guard withen a tailslength beside them!!" shocked glanced greeted him and several guards were already mingling with the pack. Jaws were hanging open in astonishment.
"Also I have chosen the new Healer."

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tyrants & Gladiators

Karuso leapt onto the rock and glared down at the pack after giving a howl.
They came over, herded by the guards and also snapped at. Some guards stayed
behind the pack and the rest retreated to behind the rock, watching. Blaze was
on Karuso's left, also glaring at the pack. Oki was positioned on Karuso's
right. Karuso's face had a grin.
"Thank you all for coming," he said, holding himself in a reagal manner. "Today my assistant alpha shall have his ceremoney."
wolves glanced around and many stared at the small reddish colored wolf with disgust. Karuso didn't say what the ceremoney was.
"Blaze," he barked. Blaze dipped his head and lunged forward, grabbing Storm by the scruff of her neck and dragging her backwards ferouciously. He pinned her to the ground in front of where Karuso leapt down.
"NO!" Kira screamed and Saharah slapped a paw over her mouth as Shade held her back. No noise an maybe they would survive. A guard gave Kira a wicked grin and another gave her a warning look. And evil look.
"Oki, come forward." as the young wolf stepped forward nobody even realized there was a connection until suddenly all the guards closed in behind the pack and forced them to create a circle around the three. Karuso stepped out of the circle.
"Make short work of her, Oki. I have high expectations. NOW!!"

Friday, June 15, 2012


Karuso glared at the wolves below him. After they had buried Reamo in the freezing snow they had gathered in groups, hardly talking about Kari's exile anymore, but now just shivering and trying to keep warm.
"Blaze," he called. Several wolves glanced up as Blaze came forward.
"Yes, Alpha?" he looked at the alpha through his one eye and bowed low before him, also dipping his head at Oki.
"Send out a patrol to catch more food." he said.
(Oki-- Email me)

Rain shivered, staggering over to Yeti.
"Do we even have a plan?" she whispered shakily.

Sako ran through the snow drifts in leaps and bounds, the whiteness swirled all around him and flew up in a cloud as he kicked it up with his paws. He could smell blood. Mistypack blood....

Kari curled up inside the stone cave where she and Kuni had almost run into earlier. It was lined with rabbitfur, probably a fox's denning area once before.
"Kuni......I'm glad you're with me...."

Blaze trotted up to Shur`tugal.
"Hey, lets go hunting!" he said, grinning.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Reamo's Death

(Recent Comments:
Hikari felt Rain's presence as the she-wolf came next to her. A long period of silence seemed to follow, finally broken by Hikari's sigh. Tears flowed from her eyes and Hikari nuged Rain's neck to perhaps comfort her. "Why does this have to happen. Why can't these other wolves just leave us in peace...I don't want any more blood spilled." Hikari said, her voice cracked from her silent grief. -Sky
*pads out of a moss covered cave when hears solem howling* What's going on? *runs swiftly back to camp and notices everyone huddled together with either a sad expression or crying* Oh no *gently pushes through to see Reamo lying still* Reamo...
*imediatly turns out of the crowd and, as always, turns her sadness into anger* looks like I'll be going back to my cave for a bit of anger releasing. *runs back to cave* -Shur`tugal
"I will lead you there." Oki barked, matching the wolves commanding tone. He turned, leading for a minute before stopping and whispering. "Their in a strong smelling bush up ahead next to an oak tree. Surround them, then Ill go in an flush them out." He grinned excitedly, glad to be getting back the wolves who had abandoned him.

Sky pulled away. "What about Storm...? Will she ever know? Will we see her again? We dont even know if she's alive...." He trailed off, turning away, looking up at the sky. "Maybe she's in Starpack with Reamo..." -Kurow/Oki/Alternate Owner)

Blaze followed Shur`tugal, his paws making soft crunching noises on the snow.
"Shur`tugal?" he murmured softly, entering her den.

Saharah felt tears spilling over her face as they gently carried Reamo's body to the camp. Guards milled around, ignoring the whole thing uninterested.
Wails and cries rang out as his body was sighted and mournfull howls filled the air. Saharah noticed that Karuso called off his guards and let them grieve. Her howl mingled with the others as they howled to the dark sky. Reamo's fur was stained somewhat red with the blood from his neck and it left a red stain on the white snow. The snow had stopped and it was cold out. Saharah let her howl dwindle to a whimper and then turned, slowly entering her den with nothing more to say.
Frazko nodded to Shenzi and also went to his den where the warm rabbit fur and leaves greeted them.
"We'll manage," he murmured softly.

Rawen and Delta shivered under the bush.
"Man, there's so many guards! This is gonna be-"
"Hey! I smell Oki!" Delta hissed, interupting Rawen. The wolves glanced around for the source of the scent and Rawen dared hiss-
"Oki? Where are you, you slithering scum-ball??" Delta felt the last of his question was unnessessary but he said nothing, searching for the reddish wolf pup.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

(SSF: Black tribal wolves have now begun to live in Mistypack camp. Their new alpha will be ariving soon. Th black wolves are cruel and have been making up excuses to hurt mistypack members. A black guard wolf sent Reamo, Kuni and Kari out to hunt for healing herbs, but when they paused to listen to a conversation the guard caught them off guard and sent Kari spinning to the ground. Reamo stood up for her, refusing to bow at the guard's command, saying; "I refuse to bow to anybody who hurts an innocent wolf,".  Reamo was brutally attacked and is now bleeding heavily on teh ground, possibly dead. Kari's rage overcame her soon after Kuni was nearly singled out and she leapt for the black wolf, managing to clamp down on his neck and killing him shortly after.
Help has been sumoned and Frazko is on the scene.)

Saharah stared at her daughter's bloody muzzle and at Reamo.
"What happened?" she choked out.
Kari shook her head, her eyes wide and her whole body nub with shock.
"It's not like that!" she whispered, seeing her mother's gaze staring at Reamo. "I didn't-"
"Silence." Saharah choked harshly. "Kuni, what happened."

Karuso traveled swiftly through the forest towards Mistypack camp. He was over the border.
He put on a smug look as he slowed to a walk and then he laughed to himself, narrowing his eyes with a grin.
A thought came to his mind as he neared the camp enterance.
"Your new alpha has arrived!"

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Through the Winter

Snow had finally come to Mistypack. It fell thickly around the area, already a fine layer covering the ground.
Down by the shady glade beside the creek Saharah stirred. Snow covered her fur and she shivered.
She had been thinking about her pup, Sako. She sighed again just as Delta and Kari came padding down towards her, both downcast.
"Hi mom..." Kari murmured. Delta said nothing.
"Oh, Kari...Delta..." she murmured nuzzling her pups.
"What are we gonna do?" Kari whispered. Delta hung his head and shyed away from his mother's touch.
"We can't do anything. They're to powerfull. We have to think of a plan." Delta said suddenly, his gaze towards the cliffs.
"Sako's not stupid. He'll be working something out by now. We've played capture games before and he always gets out eventually. He'll be working on it. We just have to meet him half-way."
Delta then turned and jumped across the creek, running along side of it towards the training area and back to camp.
Saharah only nodded numbly and then followed.
Delta ran up to Oki, Destiny and Rawen beside him. He was a good ways older than Shenzi's pup, but Oki was old enough to be mentored soon.
"Hey Oki, wanna help us on a secret mission to save our brothers and sisters?"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

That Next Morning

Saharah streched and yawned as she exited her den after a great night of blisfull rest. It was early morning and there was a light strand of mist hanging over the area. She scented the air and caught Rasho and Delta's scent by the eastern mossy creek area. She glanced around and also scented Kira, Destiny, Sky, Rawen and Storm by the western forest. (I promise I'll make a map. Epic! Omg, I will totally do that!!!) Probably teaching them how to hunt and scent things as they hadn't quite been mentored yet. She smiled and headed towards the mossy creek area for a drink before possibly going on a hunt. She strolled down the path breaking into a trot as she inhaled the fresh morning air. She bent down for a drink. As she lapped up the cool rushing water she heard pawsteps and she paused.
"Saharah!" she whirled at a sharp call from Rasho as he and Delta came running up to her.
"Hey, mom!" Delta grinned.
"Alpha," Rasho dipped his head and stood at attention.
"Good morning both of you, what is it?" Saharah greeted them with a cock of her head.
"We've scented that rival pack. They crossed our borders and marked their own in multipull areas of the northeastern cliffs. We found claw marks on several trees and their scent was all over it." he reported. Saharah frowned a bit and sat down.
"Well, alert the camp and wake the beta's. Tell them I say to send out two patrols. One lead by a beta to the ciffs, the other by you to the other areas." she said after a moment. Rasho dipped his head along with Delta who followed his every move.
"Yes, Alpha." he nodded and then turned and ran back towards the camp.
Great. Possible war is just around the corner. Saharah thought faintly. But at the same time, a familier tugging at her inner instinct told her the truth.
Fight for what you want. Fight for what you believe in. Fight for what is yours, or you don't deserve to have it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back at the camp--

Frazko lay down on the soft grass at the edge of the camp.
"I wonder if they'll be back," he murmured to Shenzi.

The wolves mulled around, without the alphas around everybody was edgy or bored.
"What if that pack attacks again? Why did they just suddenly leave?" Kari asked in a circle of wolves that hovered by the rock in the clearing that was used for anouncments.
"I don't know, but I don't think we could defeat them if they returned." Shade muttered.
"Trickery and skill is what matters. We don't have many training groups, we should train more." Sako declared, standing up.
"I agree," his brother, Delta nodded. "We could practice more battle moves and tactics that the whole pack can use."
"Yeah," the others agreed, getting excited with the idea.
"You can never train enough- there's always room for improvement." smiled Rain with a dip of her head. "I know a few moves from being a loner that I could teach," she added modestly.
"Sure! And we could try new things and see if they work!" Sako was waving his tail, fully excited with his plan now.
"We can train near the back area of the forest by the creek! It's a clearing with soft green grass but it's shady too." Aroko called, joining the conversation.
Mirage looked skeptical of the last comment.
"I think we should try battling in different grounds that we aren't used to. Then we'll have better skills with all kinds of territory--giving us the advantage no matter where we are."
"Great idea! How about the cliffs?" agreed Tahoe waving his tail. Delta and Sako grinned beside their sister who wagged her tail also.
"Great! This'll be awesome," barked Talon, her eyes gleaming with the idea of being able to strech her muscles and have something to do finally. (Sorry, wanted to add more wolves- that's your wolf, Shenzi)

 Rasho and Leko were down by the river searching.
"Hey! I think I can smell a pup!" Rasho exclaimed suddenly.