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When complications hit Mistypack, Saharah (the alpha) decided to take instant action against the invading uprights, shortage of food and overall bad territory. They then put some distance between that territory (around 200 miles worth) even with the new pups of the alphas and betas. Long story short, an enemy wolf was recruited, then turned against them and became alpha by force. Terror and bad times followed his reign and a battle is currently raging.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Reamo's Death

(Recent Comments:
Hikari felt Rain's presence as the she-wolf came next to her. A long period of silence seemed to follow, finally broken by Hikari's sigh. Tears flowed from her eyes and Hikari nuged Rain's neck to perhaps comfort her. "Why does this have to happen. Why can't these other wolves just leave us in peace...I don't want any more blood spilled." Hikari said, her voice cracked from her silent grief. -Sky
*pads out of a moss covered cave when hears solem howling* What's going on? *runs swiftly back to camp and notices everyone huddled together with either a sad expression or crying* Oh no *gently pushes through to see Reamo lying still* Reamo...
*imediatly turns out of the crowd and, as always, turns her sadness into anger* looks like I'll be going back to my cave for a bit of anger releasing. *runs back to cave* -Shur`tugal
"I will lead you there." Oki barked, matching the wolves commanding tone. He turned, leading for a minute before stopping and whispering. "Their in a strong smelling bush up ahead next to an oak tree. Surround them, then Ill go in an flush them out." He grinned excitedly, glad to be getting back the wolves who had abandoned him.

Sky pulled away. "What about Storm...? Will she ever know? Will we see her again? We dont even know if she's alive...." He trailed off, turning away, looking up at the sky. "Maybe she's in Starpack with Reamo..." -Kurow/Oki/Alternate Owner)

Blaze followed Shur`tugal, his paws making soft crunching noises on the snow.
"Shur`tugal?" he murmured softly, entering her den.

Saharah felt tears spilling over her face as they gently carried Reamo's body to the camp. Guards milled around, ignoring the whole thing uninterested.
Wails and cries rang out as his body was sighted and mournfull howls filled the air. Saharah noticed that Karuso called off his guards and let them grieve. Her howl mingled with the others as they howled to the dark sky. Reamo's fur was stained somewhat red with the blood from his neck and it left a red stain on the white snow. The snow had stopped and it was cold out. Saharah let her howl dwindle to a whimper and then turned, slowly entering her den with nothing more to say.
Frazko nodded to Shenzi and also went to his den where the warm rabbit fur and leaves greeted them.
"We'll manage," he murmured softly.

Rawen and Delta shivered under the bush.
"Man, there's so many guards! This is gonna be-"
"Hey! I smell Oki!" Delta hissed, interupting Rawen. The wolves glanced around for the source of the scent and Rawen dared hiss-
"Oki? Where are you, you slithering scum-ball??" Delta felt the last of his question was unnessessary but he said nothing, searching for the reddish wolf pup.


Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Shenzi quietly followed Frazko, her eyes dull with worry. She curled up on the floor of the den. "We'll manage" She echoed, but the words sounded hollow and offered no support or comfort.

Oki strode foreward into their line of vision, his head and tail high in a sign of dominence. "Me? Slithering scun-ball? I wasnt the one to abandon a packmate, you coward." He voices was strong and commanding as an Alpha's. "My and my comrads are here to, how should I put it, take care of you." He turned his attention to Rawen. "Oh, and while you were going commando trying to save your packmates, your father was killed and you werent there to help." his eyes were cold with hatred and calculating, looking for the best ways to tear them down.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Frazko lay his head across her, his eyes staring at nothing.
"I don't know how, but we will..." he whispered.

(Oh, wow, Oki...)

Rawen's face was frozen. Fear struck deep and so did anger.
"Wh-what are you talking about?! My father..."

Aleta said...

(wait did you mean the cave or the den, the cave is sort of her train zone or her "i want to be alone" spot, supposing that the cave is what you meant...)
*freezes as name is called* Blaze! What are you doing here?
(sorry wasnt much i could come up with...)

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

(Well, Im modleing Oki off of my ideas of an evil dictator. Also, he REALLY doesnt like Rawen. Or anyone for that matter, except for Karuso)

Shenzi sighed. "Maybe. Eventually. Or we'll all just leave. Run away. Or die. Or be killed. Whichever comes first." Her voice was filled with longing. "I guess the one sort of good thing right now is that there are no expectant mothers or young pups in the pack. Without a healer, what will we do?"

Oki almost grinned, glad to have struck a weak spot. "Yup, he's dead. Too bad you wern't there to save him, or be there during his last moments. Or comfort you mother, who's hysterical. Too bad." He turned away, and signaled to the guards that he was finished.

Yeti sat over the body of Reamo, watching, guarding him from the guards. Sky huddled nearby.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Blaze hesitated.
"Well, I just thought...uh..." he looked at her through his one eye, the other one having been lost during the fight with Talho Pack. He felt his mouth go awkwardly numb and no words came.

Aleta said...

*blinks* Erm... well did you want to ask something? *stands awkwardly at the mouth of the cave, having nothing to say*

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Blaze coughed and tried to speak, his eyes wide with horror at his lack of speech.

Frazko stood up sharply and eyed his mate.
"We'll get through this!" he said again. "We'll find another healer. (PLOT IDEA PSYCH!)" he said. He sat up and thought, thinking of who could be the next healer...

Rawen's face was blank for a moment. Delta glanced at Oki's half-turned back, a strange numbness filling him.
Rawen's face was to the ground and slowly he looked up, his eyes blazing. His voice started out quiet but rose to a roar.
" liTTLE--!!!!!!!!!" He leapt at him, his jaws parted in a wide snarl, his ears flat against his head and his paws out in front of him. He could take the pup easily with his training and he was pretty sure the guards wouldn't try to break it up. In fact, they'd probably enjoy the fight. (What if he gave oki a wound he'd never forget. Eg, scar over eye, torn piece of ear...) He hit Oki square on his back and flung him to the ground, biting into his neck.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

"Sky, maybe..." Shenzi barked, not moving. "Hopefully no one will be attacked, for the time being at least." She shut her good eye, thinking. "I wonder where Oki is...."

Oki struggled, kicking out with his paws. He hit Rawen in the eye and got him to release just enough that he was able to bite down on his muzzle. (Yeah, a wound over the eye. Like Scar from LionKing) He squirmed to his feet and launched himself at Rawen's face, trying to unbalence him.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Or Kovu---Yeah, just what I was thinking. Ha ha! No healer to help you, huh, Oki!??!??!! Srry. Involved, lol)
Frazko sighed and said nothing for a moment.
"Karuso seems to like him. Maybe we can have Oki change Karuso's ways.."

Rawen didn't even try to stop and nurse his eye--he lunged at the smaller wolf again- roaring with fury. His paws hit Oki's shoulder and his teeth grazed over his eye, leaving a trail of blood behind.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Shenzi bristled slightly. "Id rather he stayed away from Karuso. He doesnt have any friends in the pack. I hope that changes....." She looked away, turning her bad eye towred Frazko.

Oki snarledin fury. He knew he couldnt take on the bigger wolf. Instead, he called out, "Munuh! If you dont get over here and help me, Karuso will have your head and you know it!" He kicked with both his hind paws at one, knocking Rawen's teeth away momentairly.

Aleta said...

*sniffs the air* Looks like we might have some rain coming (can i make it rain, makes things way more dramatic, plus its storming pretty bad here and im feelin' the mood XD)*turns and walks into cave and looks back at Blaze*If you don't need something, you might as well leave (ooooh cruel cruel Shur`tugal, lol ^^)

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Frazko nodded.
"I agree," he agreed (XD)

Manuh looked with amusement at the small wolf.
"Heh, sure.." he sniggered. He glanced at the guard beside him and then padded forward and shoved Rawen off of Oki
"Need sombody to fight your fights for you, pup?" Rawen sneered, spitting Oki's blood from his teeth.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki snarled. "WELL, it would help if I was ever APPRENTICED or TAUGHT TO FIGHT, now wouldnt it??? But my pack has forgotten about me." He panted angrily, more mad than hurt. "Just wait until Karuso gets to you. THAT will be fun to watch." He grinned, his eye squeezed shut.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Well, it's And rlly? Cool- it's like,, 70 here.)

Manuh's smile left his face quickly and he turned to Rawen.
"Leave him alone--he's under the alpha's protection." he said sharply. He then glowered at Oki.
"What did Karuso say to do with them?"

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

"He didnt specify, but Im assuming bring them to him." He barked, still angry. "He can do what he wants with them."

Aleta said...

(oh, duh forgot about that, lets ignore that part about the rain...)
*crouches down and gets ready to "battle" the invisible enemy* Your still here?

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(lol. I keep forgetting--It's sunny here, so it's werid having it snow. I faila t weather..)

Rawen snorted.
" 'He didn't specify!'" he mimicked. "Hah! Some 'special' wolf you are!! DOn;t even know your orders!"

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

"Yes, acctually." Oki growled, angrily. "Karuso saw that Im not a numbskull like the rest of my so-called pack are. He put me in charge of an important patrol, put me in charge of gaurds." Oki glanced at Manuh. "Take them back to camp. Or kill them. At this point, I dont care. Kill any wolf in my 'pack'. Makes no difference to me." One guard bared his teeth in a cruel grin. Oviously, he was more than happy to do Kaaruso's bidding to these wolves.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Delta shoved his fear aside and stood forward boldly.
"I want to speak to Karuso." he barked sharply. "Come on," he barked to Rawen and ____ (Who the heck else was with them???)" and he started to run for the camp.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki trotted after, wanting the hear what Karuso had to say. He arrived in camp and went straight to Karuso, ignoring the pain from his eye.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Karuso looked surprised to see Oki's hurt eye.
"Did Manuh give you that?" he ask, rising to his paws in a smooth movement.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

"No, Rawen attacked me." Oki barked, trying to sound strong. He looked up at Karuso. "I need to learn to fight, so I can defend myself better. What are you going to do with Rawen and Delta?" Vengance filled his voice at the names of his packmates.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Karuso smiled at him, a strange smile, almost smirking.
"In time, young warrior." he grinned.
Delta faced Karuso.
"What do you want with us?" he barked.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki grinned excitedly whan Karuso spoke, but wheeled around when he heard Delta's voice. He stood tall next to Karuso, despite his fear, and growled, "Kill him, Karuso! A wolf who goes to free his alpha's prisoners is a traitor!"

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Rawen lunged forward with a snarl.
"Be quiet, runt!" he snapped. He stood defiantly beside Delta.
Karuso silenced Oki and turned to Delta.
"You are dissmissed. But if you are seen trying to free those others you will be punished." he growled. Delta stood back but didn't fully leave.
Karuso looked at Oki for a moment.
"Oki, your moment has come to test your strength. Kari has killed my guard. You decide her punishment."
(Check ur email)

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki raised his head, thinking. "She should be exile, and any who stand with her exiled as well for treason!" He raised his voice as he went on, growing more and more excited.

Shenzi caught a few words of Oki's, and immeadiatly shot to the entrace of the den, listening. She was in shock that such words could even come out of her son's moulth.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Karuso showed something akin to pride.
"Very well- tell the pack. The rock is yours," he gestured towards the large rock in the camp clearing.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki leaped up onto the rock and howled, gathering the pack. Chills ran down Shenzi's back as she watched, in shock. After the pack gathered, Oki spoke. "Kari has killed one of the guards of our pack. She is a murderer! She will be exiled!"
Manpuku stood up, speaking boldly. "Thats not right! She was defending Reamo!"
"Exiled!" Oki snarled. "You too, Manpuku! And anyone else who stands against my ruling!"

Aleta said...

*Shur`tugal heard the howl but she knew she wasn't going to get there in time* I'll just ask what happened...
(is Blaze still there?)

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Delta gave a roar of protest, running towards the rock in snarling bounds.
(I love protective bros. So much fun to rp. :3 )

Blaze thanked startpack for the intteruption and turned.
"Come on, we'd better go."

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

"I have every right." Oki barked calmly, but his voice filled with distain. "What I say goes. I can exile you along with her. Infact," Oki paused for effect and looked at Kari. "I could have her killed if that would make you happier." He resisted a smile, looking for her reaction.

Kuni's heart pounded in his ears. Just like that, she could be gone. Ill go with her... he decided. She cant go alone. After all, I attacked the guard to, wouldnt I be exiled as well if they find out? He looked up at Oki numbly when he relized: It wasnt Karuso making these decisions. It was Oki. His brother.

Shenzi was quiet for a moment, in shock at the whole situation. All at once her legs buckled, and she fell the the ground, feeling faint. The whole world seemed to be spinning around her.

Yeti snarled and tensed, ready to attack anyone who did anything to his daughter. Blood punded in his ears. No one -especially not a child of his- would be hurt by a sick-minded wolf like this.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Delta said nothing, a glare on his face. He fell into a fantasy of Sako and himself standing over Oki's dead bleeding body...

Kari's face was blank. Her eyes went to Kuni's. No, she thought. Don't try to follow yourself....

Frazko growled, his hackles raised.
"Oki! Who do you think you are!" he barked sharply.

Saharah's eyes were narrowed.
"Karuso! You will allow this??"
Karuso glanced her way.
"He is my assistant. Assistan alpha- and he commands exile. Any protesters will be exiled as well, or else killed." he barked simply, as if it were obvious.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

"I know that Im the assistant alpha, dad." Oki snarled, putting as much sarcasm onto the word dad as he could. "I decide what I think is fit. Truely a fitting punishment would be for her to be killed. By exiling her, Im being soft."

Yeti growled, "And why is a pup your assistant alpha anyways????"

Kuni's expression said that he'd do just the opposite. I wont let her go alone. We're in this together, whether she wants it or not. (Thats acctually pretty sweet of both of them, both wanting the best for the other.)

Aleta said...

*walks back to camp panting after a hard day of training (pieces of her secret is being revealed :)*
Heard the call for a meeting but couldn't get here quick enough, and I'm guessing by you facial expression, it isn't good news... What happened Saharah?

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

"YOU'RE BEING A *insert highest bad wolf word here* IS WHAT YOU'RE BEING!" he bellowed. Several wolves looked shocked but others seemed to have wished they had said it.

Karuso turned on the white wolf.
"He's learning!" he snarled. "Keep your ugly nose where it belongs and you won't get hurt, fool!"

(I know, right??)
Tears slipped down her face as guards closed in around her and grasped her, starting to shove her towards the territory limits.
"You can't do this, was my fault anyway..." she whispered in a half sob.
(Ahh...get me teared up....nope, wait..just hayfever. XD)

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Blaze gasped at the whole situation.
"Oki's exiling Kari!" he hissed to Shur`tugal.
(ooh! What's her secret??"

Aleta said...

(it has to do with the cave XD, you'll see, it shouldn't interfere with the plot too much)
What?! How does he even have the authority to do that?

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki ignored ___________(You never said who said that. Im assuming Delta but idk for sure) completely, not reacting at all.

Yeti refused to stop. "Why did you choose him anyways? Why would you WANT a pup to be your assistant alpha in the first place?"

My son... why him? Why is he acting like this Shenzi huddled closed to the ground, unable to be comforted.

"Im going too." Kuni spoke, his voice confident and defient. Oki looked down at him: his older brother, the one who always got all the glory, the one in the spotlight while Oki was in the shadows. He spoke, "Fine. Leave." A few guards began to push him over the where Kari was, and he didnt resist.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Frazko did.)

"So I can apprintice him to help me as a beta!" Karuso leapt off the rock and shoved his nose into Yeti's face.
"I will kill you if you get on my bad side," he growled. A evil grin spread across his face. "So stay nice,"

Kari turned her head away and allowed herself to be lead.
"NO!" Delta bellowed after them.
(Anybody feel free to play any guards! Especcially to restrain Delta or Saharah. They are evil, so ham it up. :P)
Saharah leapt towards her daughter.
"NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!" Delta bellowed out at the guards who were roughly shoving Kari towards teh border.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Yeti glared at Karuso for a moment before wheeling around. He paused for a moment as if judging the syrength of the guards, but instead of attacking, ran up nuzzled his daughter's cheek. "We'll get you back." He whispered, just loud enough so that she could hear but no one else. "We'll overthrow these wolves and the first thing we'll do is bring back into the pack, I promise." A guard shoved him aside, and he was forced to watch as his daughter was taken away. (The first smart decision of his life: Not to get in Karuso's bad side any more than nessisary)

A guard shoved Saharah away roughly.

Kuni turned, taking one last look at his camp, his siblings, his parents. After a moment he turned away, positive that one day he'd be back.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Kari turned her head away. Blood still was on her muzzle and she couldn't bear to face her father.
(ha ha! Yeah,)

Saharah stumbled to the ground and watched helplessly as her daughter was dragged away.
Fury rose inside of Delta till he was sure he'd explode.
"No. They can't do this. RAHHH!" he threw himself shoulder first against the rock by the dens and snarled with frustration.
"No!" he saw Kuni's glance back towards the camp and his eyes narrowed. "What does he think he's doing following her-" he growled. He sank into a crouch, slid backwards and out of the camp, running towards the border. He'd meet him there and see just was his intintions were. (Lets have Kari and Kuni get intimate. XD)

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

(Yeah, definetly lol. Truely, Kuni's action boil down to two simple facts: He loves Kari and its his nature to go to the ends of the earth for his friends.)

Shenzi watched numbly, unable to speak up or even move.

The group slowly left camp and approached the border. (Feel free to go back and slow it down if you want)

Sky said...

ahhh ive missed so much)

Commotion jostled Hikari to her senses, and she nuged Rain to let her know. From what she was hearing, the situation was almost unbelievable. She made her way from the back of the camp and joined with the other wolves who gathered closley together. She watched Oki with surprised eyes, unsure if he really was Oki. The anger and chilling pleasure coming from his mouth shocked her. Things started to rile, and Hikari watched Delta, Kuni, and Saharah with a clenched heart. Once Kari had left, it became silent. Hikari pushed by two other wolves and stood where she could be seen. She turned narrowed eyes at Karuso. His ghastly gaze fell upon her, but did not make her fearful; her emotions were already too mixed up. She spoke outloud with a calm desposition,"If she is to be exiled, can it wait until after our packmates mourn for our dead? This sudden exile as well as the death of Reamo, our healer, will only make our pack more agitated." She paused, her blue eyes piercing the new alpha, "there is also the fact that Oki is still in a position where he has yet to learn about the effects of this outburst. If you have chosen him as your diciple, I have no right to intervene. What I can say, though, is that you need to take into consideration the feelings of the new pack members and not cause a riot."
(omg hikari XP)

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Naw- pace is fine. More detail though.)

(No worries, Sky! You always know how to leap in and slide into the mood. ;] )

The wolves seperated into groups, disscussing the happenings angrily. Saharah went into her den again, lashing her tail (catlike of her...) and her ears pinned to her head.
"Yeti- what am I going to do...?" (gotta rp him for one sec partially) Yeti noticed that for once she had said "I" instead of "we". He took carefull note of this before replying.
(She is near collapse. She needs sombody to hold her up.....okay that was so darn corny sounding. Well, it's true. XD)

Karuso leapt off the rock, his low but not submissive.
"Well said...Hikari, right?" he asked, cocking his head slightly as he asked. He gave her a winning smile and stood next to her.
"You have a good point, but I must say as the alpha, I'll do what I believe is best." he put this simply without much feeling or superiority as usual.

Manuh glowered at Oki from beneath the rock and then leapt onto it, shoving Oki as he stood next to him.
"Learn to keep your balance, pup." he hissed as Oki stumbled. He added extra emphasis on the word "pup" with a obvious leer on his face.
"Enjoy what you believe is power while you can. I'll have my chance too, you know." he whispered.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Yeti spoke quietly. "Saharah... What you need to do is stay strong. Everything will work out." He sounded absolutely convinced that this would happen, his voice held no doubt whatsoever. "Just give it time..." Yeti trailed off, apparently troubled over the word time.

Oki snarled, regaining his balence and pushing back angrily. "Dont get your hopes up, scum." He hissed under his breath.

Kuni's steps slowed as they reached the border of Mistypack territory. I'll be back...I hope... he reminded himself.
(Isnt Sako going to come? Thats the most interesting part of this current plot we have coming in the near future.)

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Yeah, he will. I kinda forgot the plot. XD Email me it if you're able too.)

Saharah tried to nod but her inner instinct was to curl up and die.
(I don't think I meant instict, but wtvr. Too lazy to delete a few words and instead am writing many many more....)
"I just don't know anymore, Yeti." she whispered.

"Don't test your luck," Manuh growled. "You know nothing and cannot fight me."

Delta slid through the underbrush following the wolves.
The guards finally halted, snarling at Kari and Kuni.
"Get lost," one barked sharply. Kari gave one last look at the camp and then turned and fled as the guards snapped at her heels.
Delta followed a distance behind and to the side of her, watching for Kuni and keeping himself downwind.

Sako turned and almost laughed with relief and excitment.
"Come on! I did it!" he exclaimed to Storm and Nanami. He had managed to pack up some snow, dirt and rocks to climb near enough to the top, just out of sight of the guards, where you would be able to jump out. He quickly explained how they would do this and then he glanced around.
"Quickly! The snow has started again- making us hard to see and the guards are going to eat the newest kill! Come!"

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Yeti nuzzled her cheek softly. "Whatever happens, we'll stay together..." he whispered.

Nanami nodded slightly, weakly. She picked up Storm and climbed up the side, sneaking out and hustling into the bushes.

Kuni sprinted away from camp, falling into step behind Kari.

Sky said...

She felt the fury within herself rise and her voice became cold, "My mother died for what she believed was right. Reamo did as well. If Mistypack's wolves decide to rebel of their own will because of your decisions, then don't complain."
Suddenly a brisk wind blew vicously. It raked against her wound, but she held back a flinch.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Saharah sighed and only nodded slightly, pressing against him and putting her nose in her fur.
(You didn't say what Oki said.)

Sako ran along the border edge, making large leapt to try and leave no paw marks in the snow. Finally the reached the edge of the forest.
"YES!" he whispered. "Now come on, we have to get to camp before Karuso."

Kari heard him but couldn't look him in the eyes. Her chest felt tight.
"You didn't have to come," she whispered, not trusting her voice.

Karuso stepped back a little.
"You make good points, Hikari." Karuso said with a dip of his head.
"What do you think I should do?" he asked unnexpectedly.

Sky said...

Hikari's eyes lit up in surprise at Karuso, and she was momentarily frozen in confusion. After a few moments his question finally sunk in. She narrowed her eyes and thought briefly about the complexities of the situation."Kari is a very kind hearted wolf, who would never kill on purpose. Her reason was defending a packmate, who did not agree with whatever the guard did."She told Karuso."Now both Kari and Reamo were well loved; Kari's exile and Reamo's death will cause great anger and distress within many wolves. There is also the fact that many wolves resent our pack being overrun by you and your packmates. At this point, you can't do anything that will upset this delicate balance of emotions. And now I ask you what should be done?" She gave the dark brown and black wolf an expectant glance.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Nanami sighed with relief as she crossed into the forest. Storm ran along side her happily.

"Yes, I did." Kuni barked quietly but determined. "I couldnt stand the idea that youd be alone, especially after all that happened..."

Zoraz/Saharah/Owner said...

Karuso didn't answer for a moment.
"Oki is my assistant." he said, then dropped that start without another thought.
"Kari needed to be punished and so she was exiled. That is my final decision. I must be respected and treated as alpha, and I will do what I believe is right. Kari killed another-- she has been punished. Murder never goes without punishment." he regretted those last words sharply. He shook his fur as the snow fell thickly on it and glanced upwards.
"Winter," he muttered.

Sako panted heavily as he felt the darkness of the forest close over him. He could now scent the smell of the tribe everywhere. What was happening?

Kari was silent. A flood of emotions surged through her and she felt her heartbeat quicken. She stayed at the same pace and from her lowered head glanced at Kuni's paws that padded beside her in the snow. Her fur felt hot. The silence seemed to grow loud, but also peacefull. Her head was spinning and she reeled slightly but caught herself.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Nanami and the others came to the blood-filled clearing where Reamo had been killed. She stopped suddenly, sniffing the blood.

Kuni slowed down to a walk when he decided they were far enough away from camp. He glanced at Kari but adverted his eyes.

Sky said...

"Is murder the same as protecting a friend?" Hikari asked quietly with a deathly whisper. It was so cold and precise that it almost sent shivers down her own body. Within the next moments, she bowed her head in farewell. "I will only follow an alpha whom I can trust my life with. For now,I will abide by your decisions, until I find fault with your intentions." She rose her head. "Let us hope there will be no bloodbath in the future. That is something I will not let happen." With her last words, she trodded away, her eyes in search for Kurow's gray fur. Right now she needed someone to take away this strange feeling, an awful emotionless feeling that was numbing her heart.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Kurow was sitting on the side of camp, listening. "Good job standing up to him." He barked when Hikari came over. "I think you made an impact in the way he treats us in the future."

Sky said...

"Yea. Maybe." Hikari replied with a whisper. Exahaustion and numbness filled her body, the snow and cold wind was only making her feel even worse. She suddenly stumbled forward, her head landing Kurow's shoulder. She didn't move away but instead whined softley so that only Kurow could hear, "Why can't I feel anything? Everything's numb...I hate it...I hate it. It won't go away...why won't it go away...?"

(wahhhhhh Hikari, what happend?! Is it because im watching a depressing anime that your like this right now???--lols)

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

"I cant answer that." Kurow barked softly. "It might be best for youjust just to get away from camp for a bit too. Time to think."

Sky said...

Hikari shook her head."I need to rest...I've been thinking too much." She gave a small grin, but was clearly just a useless effort. She retracted her head, and made her way to the tree (that magically appeared =D)behind them. She practically collapsed when she laid down. A long sigh escaped her, it was almost like the long journey to their new territory had just begun once more.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Karuso turned away from Hikari and back to Oki.
"Manuh! LEave him alone!" he barked sharply.
Manuh growled and stalked off.
"Oki, come!"

Kari hesitated for a moment and then collapsed against Kuni's shoulder, crying softly.
"Kuni- what are we gonna do?"
(Random editing XD XD: Kuni staggered under her weight, dumping her in teh freezing snow.--
Kuni's eyes showed a strange light.
"I have some ideas...." LOL. I'm so horrible.)

Delta slid along beside their trail, noticing their paw-prints came very close to each other.

Sako finally came into camp. Reamo's body lay on the ground, a trail of blood around it.
"No! Reamo..! What happened?" he gasped, shoving away from a wolf who was assking how he rgot home. Saharah turned and gasped as she saw her son.
"Sako!!" she ran towards him and nuzzled him.
"A guard murdered him when Reamo stood up for Kari and...and...Kari killed the...the black wolf in return, and, oh, Sako...She's beeen exiled!"
Sako's very blood froze and his puples dialated.
"No...." he whispered.
The whole situation was much worse than anybody could have imagined, and getting worse. Hikari did seem to have an impact on Karuso, but not enough to stop his evil ways. Sako must now rise to the occation and choose his friends wisely--already other are turning to Karuo's side.....

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki bounded over. "Did I do well?" he asked earnestly.

(Zoraz, you are so bad.)
Kuni tried to keep his voice steady. "We're going to stay as close to our territory as possible. And were going to live there until Karuso leaves of the whole pack is exiled. Whichever comes first." His words were worthless and he knew it, but he knew he needed to help Kari.

Sky said...

Hikari closed her eyes. Images from memories of her old pack and her family flew in her mind. Although tired, she shivered and clenched her teeth in aggrivation. She didn't want to lose anyone else; she didn't want to run away either. That idiot...he is only asking for blood. Why didn't he change his decision? What's going to happen now...?Soon Hikari drifted off to sleep with the dark thoughts still haunting her.

Zoraz said...

Karuso nodded with a smile.
"Yes," he gestured at Manuh. "Keep him in line. If he gives you trouble you can choose his punishment."

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki nodded agreeingly. "Yes Alpha." but there was a sparkle of happyness in his eyes.