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When complications hit Mistypack, Saharah (the alpha) decided to take instant action against the invading uprights, shortage of food and overall bad territory. They then put some distance between that territory (around 200 miles worth) even with the new pups of the alphas and betas. Long story short, an enemy wolf was recruited, then turned against them and became alpha by force. Terror and bad times followed his reign and a battle is currently raging.

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An uprising started by Sako surged through the pack and they revolted against the guards. The battle is raging and wolves from both sides are falling. Who will triumph? Add your attacks to the battle by commenting in the newest post!


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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Through the Winter

Snow had finally come to Mistypack. It fell thickly around the area, already a fine layer covering the ground.
Down by the shady glade beside the creek Saharah stirred. Snow covered her fur and she shivered.
She had been thinking about her pup, Sako. She sighed again just as Delta and Kari came padding down towards her, both downcast.
"Hi mom..." Kari murmured. Delta said nothing.
"Oh, Kari...Delta..." she murmured nuzzling her pups.
"What are we gonna do?" Kari whispered. Delta hung his head and shyed away from his mother's touch.
"We can't do anything. They're to powerfull. We have to think of a plan." Delta said suddenly, his gaze towards the cliffs.
"Sako's not stupid. He'll be working something out by now. We've played capture games before and he always gets out eventually. He'll be working on it. We just have to meet him half-way."
Delta then turned and jumped across the creek, running along side of it towards the training area and back to camp.
Saharah only nodded numbly and then followed.
Delta ran up to Oki, Destiny and Rawen beside him. He was a good ways older than Shenzi's pup, but Oki was old enough to be mentored soon.
"Hey Oki, wanna help us on a secret mission to save our brothers and sisters?"


Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

(Im responding to last post too.) Nanami sighed, shaking her head. "Yeah, thats great. We were stupid, and now we're trapped in a hole. Life stinks. But we can only make it out with a plan instead of wishing we were smarter."

Shenzi said nothing, refused to show emotion. She just stared straight ahead, her vision blurry with tears. She wanted to throw herself against Frazko and bury her face in his fur, but she stayed perfectly still.

Oki looked up sourly. "What brothers and sisters. Im alone. Always have been." he barked, but was standing up to go with them.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Kurow smiled, then looked away, figuring he seemed pup-ish. He stood up, his head low, his happy mood ruined by the thought. Why did everything he did have to be so... awkward? He sighed, turning to walk away.

Skywing said...

(Almost finished with Hikari's pic, but I suck at bodies and I'm a perfectionist. Stupid body, I will draw you right!)

After Hikari repreminded Kurow, he looked away. She heard him sigh and he began walking away. He always has sudden mood swings. Sometimes I don't get why, but he reminds me of myself...She hid a small smile at the thought. "You're so troublesome, you know. One moment your flinging snow at me, the next your sulking like a pup who doesn't get to go on a hunting patrol." She woofed at Kurow before he could leave. "Anyways, I'm off. There are some rabbits to catch before this snow chases away all the prey. Maybe Rain or Aroko will come with me with me."

(woofed...intresting word choice, but goes with the dog/wolf theme lols.)

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Kurow halfturned around. "Ill hunt with you." He said quickly, then added, stumbling on the words. "Or..if you dont want too...thats good..well not good, but...oh nevermind!" He barked, exasparated with himself.

Skywing said...

Hikari chuckled as Kurow failed to utter out his words the way he wanted them to come out."If you come then just be sure you don't rub your eye against rabbit fur or something."She barked."I'll look around for Rain or whoever."She spun around and trotted towards the center of camp, in search for an available wolf.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Love Rain and Aroko,. They're so fun.)

Destiny scowled at Oki.
"Oki don't be boring! Come with us!" she bounded around him and sent him sprawling with a playfull shove. Delta laughed and shoved Destiny lightly.
"Alright, come on. We've got a lot of ground to cover." Rawen said after a moment.
"We should start by heading towards the cliffs, then scent them out from there."

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

As Sako lay down with his head on his paws a thought crossed his mind briefly.
Hikari. Kurow... he glanced upwards jerked out of thought by a black wolf standing above the cave opening.
"Here," he growled nothing close to nicely. He kicked the carcass of a rabbit over the edge of the pit, nearly nothing left on it's bones. He glared down at them and then left. Snow was all around the middle of the cave, but not the inner-sides. Sako was the first to move and he jumped forward and grabbed the rabbit.

Frazko stepped forward and nuzzled his mate firmly.
"It'll be fine." he said. "We were able to move to a new territory, we've faught in many battles, we can handle this."

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Kurow sat down, waiting, silently cursing himself for his awkwardness.

"Get off of me!" Oki snarled as he was knocked over, standing up indignantly.

Nanami didnt get up, but Storm leaped up, sniffing the rabbit excitedly.

Shenzi still said nothing, just turned and layed down in her den.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(lol. I love the way Hikari and Kurow work out. )

Destiny laughed again and nudged Oki, leaping away quickly and racing ahead of the group. The was a cracking sound above.
"Brr!" she exclaimed as she was suddenly covered in snow.
"All right, come on. We need to get going." Delta turned and almost ran into Kari.
"Hey, I'm not coming." she said rather dissapointedly. Delta sat and cocked his head
"Why not? Come on- it'll be f-"
Kari interupted him with a slight scowl.
"Because sombody has to cover for you. And I don't wanna have us ust dissapear and nobody knows where we are. I'll cover for you." she looked sad and regrettful but firm.
"Yeah, I guess you're right. As usual." Delta said ruefully with a small smile. He knew far well that it would be unfair asking any other to stay and cover for them- if sombody volenteered, he may as well let them.
"I'll owe you one, sis. Trust me. I'll make it up to you." he stepped forward and nuzzled her.
"We'll be back with Sako."
And then Kari turned and was gone.
"Comeon. We've gotta go quickly." Delta barked, breaking into a trot.

Sako dragged the rabbit over to Nanami and beckoned to Storm.
"Come. We'll split it fairly."
he said. He glanced up at the large opening above and glared at the dark shape he saw. Another guard.
"What do they think we're going to do? Dig through this rock? We don't have iron claws!...."

Frazko sighed and scented the air. He bristled and stood up.
"Rhago's tribe is coming." he barked sharply. He glanced at his mate sideways.
"I forgot to tell you. I've heard of this pack before...their leader is Rhago.." he looked as if he was going to say more but he left quickly, sliding out of the den and into the camp. He gave a sharp bark and the alpha's came out.
"Yeah- They're here."
Saharah glared into the forest where she could now here pawsteps and sat down with a sigh.
"Let them speak."

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki followed, breaking into a canter to keep up with the group's trot. He stayed near the back, not talking to anyone. I should just go back to my den. He told himself. After all, I barely know any of these wolves, and they havent done anything for me. Why should I help them? He lowered his head, his inner rage building. Im suprised they even remembered I existed long enough to invite me... He slowed to a walk for a few steps, confused. Why did they invite me instead of Kuni or Kagu or Manpuku?

Nanami didnt get up, didnt turn to look. She's giving up already... Storm thought to herself.

When Shenzi heard the pawsteps, she moved, looking out the entrance of the den at the approaching wolves.

Yeti held back a snarl, tensing to fight if nessesairy.

Kurow watched where the enemy pack would come from. Absently, he wondered if the silver wolf he'd fought on the cliffs would be there.

Skywing said...

(I wasn't sure of where the other packs' wolves were coming from)

With a a small skip in her step, Hikari spotted Rain near a large tree and started walking towards her. "Hey, Rain!" Hikari barked. "Do you want to co -" But she stopped as a new, strange scent entered the air.
"Do you smell that?"She asked Rain with her head turned to the side.

Zoraz/Owner said...

(lol at Kurow. Love-striken)

(yeah, it's the tribe. I LOVE ur pic!! Kurow can u add to fan art?)

Delta scented the air and veered away from the aproaching wolves.
"Come on!" he hissed. The snow crunched under his paws with hardly any noise (odd, crunched- no noise...wtvr) as he ran quickly, getting to the cliffs with ease.
"I can smell them!"

Frazko restrained a growl as Rhago entered the camp.
"Who used to be the alpha?" he asked. The words sent shivers down Saharah;s spine
She stepped forward.
"i-i am- was."
"You're new alpha will be here tomorrow." Rhago said coldly. "You will obey us. We own you now."

Sako turned to Nanami and nudged her.
"We have to keep up our strength," he reminded her softly.

Rain bristled at the intrusion and felt dread rising in her as his words sunk deep.
They were now the alphas?? What had just happened!
The snow beneath her paws suddenly felt colder than ever and her heart pounded.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki darted after quickly, panting, despratly trying to keep up with the older wolves. He sniffed, trying to scent them, but was too winded to smell anything.

Yeti spoke, knowing the action could easily get him killed. "Who says we're going to listen to your alpha?" He barked loudly, tensing, ready to fight. "I see no reason why we wouldnt just kill him."

Nanami didnt look when he nudged her. "Keep it." There was no emotion in her voice. "I wont let Storm go hungry, and your stonger and better able to protect her than I am, so eat."

Skywing said...

The atmosphere became as tense and stiffling with fury and confusion as wolves from all around the camp watched the intruders. Rain bristled next to her, and so did many other wolves as Yeti snarled his threat at the intruders. But Hikari remained unmoved with her icy gaze staring intently at the strange wolves. The aura around them nothing she had every felt before. She wanted to walk up to them and examine every detail about them. She wanted to understand their odd existance; the sudden curiosity pierced through Hikari's heart and mind. Why..why is it like this? I should be snarling with rage right now! Why am I being like this? But the white wolf kept her fur down and fixated her eyes on the strangers.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Delta suddenly halted.
"Hey! Look!" he hissed. "They're guarding that cave- I think I can see Nanami."
"Nice- Lets go!" Destiny murmured, stepping forward, headed around the outskirts of the area to avoid detection. She had forgotten about Oki.

Rhago glared at Yeti.
"You will obey him under penalty of death." he growled. "He has passed the tests of honour. He can take on any number of wolves and kill them all- he is at an advanced level of training...more than I can say for any of this pack." he leered.

Sako narrowed his eyes firmly.
"No. I've trained fo-" he stopped himself sharply. "I'm...I can handle this. You both need it more than I do. Trust me," he paused. "Nanami."

Rain waited, tense beside Hikari. She was too scared to even look at her friend.
A strong, well muscled wolf leaned close to Rhago and muttered something. Rhago looked back at the pack.
"You're alpha will be here this evening." he said with a slight smirk. He turned and scanned the camp with something akin to disgust. His fur was lightly covered in snow and theground already had about an inch.
"You," another barked at Kurow. "And you, you and you. Go out and hunt." he said, pointing out Reamo, Saharah and Hikari." Saharah looked cool and she dipped her head and turned to leave, beconing to the others.

Skywing said...

(I love the curious side to Hikari =D ) It's so fun and intresting to write about. I hope in this case, though, curiosity doesn't kill the cat)

Hikari blinked when one of the strangers pointed her out along with others. She was motionless for a moment before taking a step toward the entrance. She noticed the other wolves doing the same, each could be seen with a different reaction. Her eyes roamed until they met with Kurow's. She gave him a small quirky bob of her head to show she was fine. And that was the truth. Her composure was the same as it normally was. But she felt an increasinly nagging curiosity prick her insides. Shut up, shut up! Is it right to not feel threatend or afraid? Is it right to not be outraged by these intruders?!Her eyes left Kurow's. Finally she left her thoughts behind and concentrated on all the sights and sounds around her.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Oki fell behind, near collapse. He saw the gaurds, heard Destiny speak. He wanted to scream. Someone finally invites me to do something, and they forget about me before we're halfway there! He considered calling out to them angrily, but he was too far behind; they would never hear him.

"Any nmber of wolves?" Yeti snorted. "Three or four, maybe, but our entire pack? Verses one wolf? Yeah right."

Nanami didnt respond, just stared at the hairline cracks in the wall.

Kurow tried to look as calm as Hikari, but he couldnt hide a hint of panic. Not panic for his life, panic for a reason he couldnt explain- the silver she-wolf had stared at his the entire time. He turned, trotting behind his alpha. Or former alpha, I suppose... he thought as he ran.

Reamo looked hesitent. He didnt want to leave to hunt, afraid someone would be attacked and he wouldnt be there. He tried to say something, but the words stuck in his throat. Instead, he just stoof there awkwardly, feeling as if every wolf was staring at him.

Zoraz/Saharah/Owner said...

Destiny paused.
Aren't we forgetting something....huh.... then she continued as Delta slid easily around the back near the cave.
"This snow is awesome- it's masking our scent." Delta muttered. "Unless they cross this path, then they'll smell our tracks, but anyway.."

Sako looked at her.
"I won't force you to eat it." he said. "But...please. For me, Nanami."

Saharah trotted along, her face the picture of concentration, but not on the situation as it seemed. Her face brightened suddenly.

Rhago stepped close to Reamo with a growl.
"Go-" he hissed. He lunged, grabbing Reamo by the scruff of his neck and throwing him to the side of the camp.
(LOVE how this plot is coming.)

A muscular handsome wolf, slightly tan mixed with black and dark brown was flexing his muscles by the cliffs. He had a intellegent look on his face and his eyes flashed. A small look crossed his face and he stepped forward, dissapearing into a crouch and suddenly appearing beside Oki.
"Who are you- foreigner? You smell of Mistypack." he cocked his head and observed the small wolf intently. He stood back and flexed his muscles.
"Speak! My name is Karuso- and I'm you're new alpha!"

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Nanami turned, her voice rising. "Just eat it!" She snarled. "I dont want any!"

Kurow just sighed, not bothering to scent for the elk or try to make a plan. He was shocked as his alpha's lack of care.

Reamo thudded against the ground, knowcking the air out of him. As he fought to regain his breath back, he wheezed, "I....I dont hunt, I heal!"

Oki looked up at Karuso. "Im Oki." He replied, holding his head high and looking him in the eye. "My packmates left me here. I was just about to turn back." He added extra sarcasm to the word packmates.

Skywing said...

Hikari pricked her ears and sniffed the air, and sure enough there was elk. Hikari padded up behind the alpha. The scent of elk was stronga and fresh. There were also muddled hoof prints in snow.
"It went west. It should be quite close. And there could be a second." Hikari spoke softly. "Lucky for us, its close to camp." She looked at Saharah, and wondered what her alpha, or former alpha, was thinking at the moment. She looked more intent on the hunt then the current situation of the pack. She might be hiding...or running. But who cares what she does? As long as the rest of the pack live and breathe, it doesn't matter where we end up. Right?She snorted.Why do I keep thinking all these stupid and depressing thoughts?!

Jabber said...

Jabber walked strait up to Rahgo and said "Who says you get to control our pack! Who says you get to just walk in here and say that our new alpha will be here later!!" His rage was building now. "AND WHO SAYS YOU OWN US!!!" he then quickly slashed the larger wolfs' leg and quickly ran under him then weaved through the wolves and out again at the forest.

Zoraz/Owner/Saharah said...

Sako nodded and bent his head to eat it.
"Hey- that scent..." he murmured. He sniffed for a moment but then defeatedly turned back to the rabbit. His mind was playing tricks on him. he could almost swear he could smell his brother though...

Saharah nodded blankly at Hikari's statement.
"Yeah, at least it's close to camp..." she repeated in a monotone. She stepped automatically towards the scent, her pawsteps padded by the new snow, almost already an inch thick.
(Yeah, remember it's snowing. lol)

Rhago snarled at the black healer.
"You do now." he hissed. "Be gone or die."

The wolf dipped his head respectfully.
"Nice to meet you, Oki. I hope we are able to stay on good terms." he said. He swiftly glanced around at the sound of a bird's call and then looked back.
He then lifted his head almost regally and looked into Oki's eyes.
"You're packmates? What are they doing around here?" he asked curiously.

Kira felt horror and rage building inside of her.
"Reamo!" she couldn't stop herself from calling to her mate. A guard threw her a nasty look and growled. Kira felt misery welling inside of her. First her pup and now her mate.
"W-where's Destiny? Where's your sister?" she suddenly asked Sky, who was beside her. She tried to get her mind off of her mate and stop her son from seeing Rhago hurting his father...

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Nanami relaxed slightly, glad that Sako had accepted the food, when she scented Mistypack scent. She resisted turning to Sako, but instead focused on making sure she hadnt imagined the scent.

Reamo stepped back slightly but didnt turn to leave. "No." His voice shook. "If anyone is hurt, I need to be here..." He sensed Rhago's anger, and in desperation, barked, "It doesnt matter anyways! I dont know how to hunt!"

Oki thought for a moment, trying to decide whether or not he should give away his packmates plans. They abandoned me, they deserve it. He decided. "Their trying to rescue Kuni and Storm and Sako. I dont think it will work, but they dragged me along before forgetting me. I hate them." His last words were filled with rage.

Sky just shook his head. "I dont know." he replied, not taking is eyes off his father.

Zoraz/Saharah/Owner said...

Saharah paused and crouched.
"There-" she whispered. Ahead stood the elk, pawing at the snow and searching for grass to eat. (Free rp for the elk)

Sako sat back and licked his lips after he had hungrily gulped down his share and then he watched as Storm ate.

Rhago started for Reamo but a guard hesitantly stepped forward.
"Majesty, if I may.." he paused.
"Majesty?? Rain snorted privately. She trembled slightly as she saw how Rhago's eyes showed fury.
"What?" Rhago growled. The guard was obviously a trusted source.
"The healer is a sacred rank- he would be more useful searching for herbs, Majesty." the guard said in a low voice. he was pure black and his muscles showed under his fur. Rhago looked thoughtfull.
"True." he agreed. He turned back to Reamo.
"Go then, find herbs. Take those two with you." he gestured at Kuni and Kari. Kari looked undaunted and she almost glared at Rhago in response. She glanced then at Reamo to see what he was doing.

Karuso nodded.
"Ah, traitors to the cause, huh? Well, non-productive anyway, they may save them but leave you behind. Worthless for them, those fle-" he stopped himself and looked at Oki.
"Do you even know who I am?"

Kira stood in front of her pup.
"Go! Find Kagu and play with her. Go, go!"

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Storm ate hesitantly, afraid.

Reamo nidded, knowing his luck was running out. He beckoned Kuni and Kari quickly, walking out.

"Your the new alpha, right? Thats what you said at least. Good thing too." Oki responded.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Kari followed Reamo, her ears against her head. She was nearly full grown now and her tail swished as she trotted beside the healer, furious as Rhago. Sh glanced around to find Kuni.

Sako scented the air again, this time positive.
"Nanami," he murmured bending his head beside her.
"I think there's a patrol up there somewhere. I know there is. My brother is there." his eyes gleamed with sudden excitement and he looked like a little pup.
"This'll be easy! Delta and I used to-" he stopped himself and hurriedly started again.
"We've practiced these situations! This will be easy..." his face fell though as at least five more wolves came casually over to guard the entrance.
"But....they're so much stronger than us...Delta might be able to take one on with me as a team, but..." his face turned to the ground and his fur covered his eyes (I'm thinking of manga drawings, sorry).

Saharah looked at her compainions.
"What move do we make?" she asked unexpectedly.

Karuso smiled, a crafty look hidden in his eyes as usual.
"You know, I see potintial in you, Oki. You're packmates are flea-bags if they can't see it. You are a born leader. I can see you have the brains of the pack."

(ooooooh, yeah! This plot's Comin' together like vultures to road-kill!!)

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Kuni trotted after, his ears back with rage and his eyes flashing. When the threesom had gotten far enough away from camp as to not be heard, Reamo stopped, earr pricked, hoping to pick up the conversation from camp.

Nanami nodded slightly to show that she heard, but didnt move as that would arrouse suspicion. She murmered, "What, your miraculously going to jump out of this pit and escape?"

Oki was shocked. No one had ever really complemented him before, and he didnt know how to react. "Um...thank you." he barked eventually.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Sako laid his ears back and scowled.
"No," he sniffed the air.
"Of course not. If we can pull this off....well, you'll see."

Kari looked at Kuni quizzically.
Karuso smiled.
"They didn't know I would be ready to be alpha today, but I am. I can go now. Hey, look trustworthy. Can you keep a secret?"

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Nanami shook her head slightly. "It'll take a miracle." She murmered, looking at the sky.

Kuni shrugged. "I just cant stand this." He barked, somewhat angry.

Oki nodded. "Yeah. Who would I tell it to anyways? My packmates?"

Skywing said...

(The posts are getting exciting XD might as well fill in the extra space with some fresh-kill =p)

"We should take up positions surrounding the elk,blocking the easily seen escape routes." Hikari whispered. "Keep low, and position yourselves. If it's alright with you all, I'll jump out first in front of it to give it a fright and to signal everyone else to come out. we need to be quick now before it wanders off." She looked at the other wolves for their approval.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Sako nodded slightly, only half listening as he focused on the cold word above him. Snowflakes landed on his fur but he ignored them. They might be able to escape!

Kari nodded.
"Me either. But we have to help Reamo look for herbs. Come on."

Karuso laughed.
"Good point. Well," he leaned closer.
"I think you could be a great alpha. Then you could order those stinky packmates to do your bidding all day long! I could train you. But you can't tell anybody in your pack. We'll be a team. And when the time comes- you will be the alpha. The top wolf. The leader! The ruler of all! Ruler over you're packmates!"
(oh yeah, I am SO psyched. I was screeching at my mom in town like; "OMIGOSH MY PLOT IS COMING TO BE THIS IS SO EPIC!!!!" and she's all; '!?!?' lol)

Saharah cocked her head at Hikari.
"Why wouldn't it be okay with me?" she asked quizzically.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Reamo shushed the two younger wolves. "Can either of you hear what thier saying at camp?" he asked quietly.

Oki smiled. "You think? I could really rule ovfer the pack? A team? I could learn all of your fighting tecniques?" Excitment filled his eyes for the first time in his life.

Zoraz/owner said...

Kari hesitated and then nearly jumped out of her skin as a guard bellowed in her ear from behind-
"I thought i told you to search for herbs!" He grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and throwing her to the ground. She yelped in pain as her head slammed against the ground. The guard snarled and stood over her.

Karuso nodded
"You're built for it, Oki. I can tell. But we have to keep it a secret. One day when the great battle comes, you will rule."

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Kuni snarled, leaping at the wolf. He attempted to bite into the guard's shoulder, but the guard grabbed him, sipatching him just as quickly as Kari.
Reamo narrowed his eyes, knowing better than to attack. He spoke slowly, choosing his words carefully. "I never said I needed anything, did I? And what would these two know about herbs to be able to pick them if I didnt tell them how to? You have no right to attack these two." His heart pounded, knowing how quickly this could turn into a life or death situation.

Oki grinned, a dark, scheming grin- the only happyness the lonley wolf knew how to feel. "That would be good. And when can I get one of those feathers in my fur?"

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

The guard stepped right into Reamo's face.
"Remember your place, healer! We own the pack now! Bow to me!!"

Karuso wondered whether giving him a feather to start out with would keep up his interest more than telling him to work for it. He decided blood worked better.
"You'll have to train to earn one. Train hard and long." he told the young pup.
"We start tomorrow, Oki. Now go back to you're pack- tell them you were trying to hunt but say nothing about this time here. Remember, Oki...You're destined for leadership."
(That sounded so dang corny. Curses!)

Delta licked some of the snow in front of him as he focused on the task at hand.
"How do we get past those guards..." he muttered, glancing at his companions for clues. Destiny shrugged and scanned the camplines.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Reamo raised his head. "No. I will not bow a wolf who attacks faultless wolves."

Oki nodded. "So...should I meet you somewhere tomarrow?" He was almost excited to get back to his pack.

(Sry its quick, no time)

Sky said...

Hikari gave a snort of satisfaction and replied, "then let's postition ourselves." She pulled away from the others and swiftly stalked around patches of undergrowth. The white snow that blanketed the forest blended with her fur so that she was almost invisible. The elk twitched its ears and looked up from its search for grass. Hikari stopped, the elk was looking directly at her. Her heart was beating fast as she stay frozen. The stupid creature didn't have enough brain to distinguish her from snow, and resumed eating with a little more wariness. She was only a few rabbit-hops away from the elk. Hikari's blue eyes darted towards where the other wolves should be waiting. And finally, with a deep growl she jumped at the elk with full force, her teeth sinking into its neck and her claws scraping against its chest.

Jabber said...

Jabber walked over to the forest and walked slowly through it looking for rabbits. He came across a fresh scent trail of a rabbit and slowly walked towards the end of the rabbit trail. he stopped about 5 feet from the rabbit and started stalking it, he then swiftly jumped onto it and broke its spinal cord, he then grabbed the dead rabbit and started back to camp.
(can you guys please somehow get something going with him?)

Sky said...

=) Hmmm, your in a place where I really can't reach out to you...I'll try once I get a chance.)

The elk didn't put up much of a fight as the wolves attacked it and worked together to pull it down. Hikari relized this and bit harder on the neck until it lay still in the bloodied snow. She released her grip and pulled away from the kill. "That went well."She said in a matter of fact tone. "Now all we have to do is let Kurow drag this thing home and fill our bellies before anything else dramatic happens." She gave a good humored laugh. Yeah...before anything happens.

Zoraz/Owner/Saharah said...

There was a deathly silence as the black wolf glowered at Reamo and growled low in his throat-
"You will bow or die."
Kari's very heart felt like it had been gripped by an icy hand.
ust bow! she thought desperatly.

Karuso nodded.
"I'll meet you for training to morrow, Oki." and then he was gone.

"Come on," Saharah murmured panting. She smiled grimly at Hikari's nice moves for the kill and then turned and grasped the elk's leg and began to pull. The ice seemed to have crept into her body and clamped around her heart like steel. The realization of what was happening to them made her nearly sick and she collapsed into the snow, dazed and staring at nothing. They were slaves! Karuso would probably be a ferocious wolf. Bloodthirsty and cruel. The pups. Her pups....what would she do.....

Mirage followed Jabber's scent until she found him.
"Nice catch," she murmured, her spirit heavy. She had a bloody mark on her face from being cuffed to go hunt by the black wolves now living in the pack, ordering wolves about as if they ruled the world. She winced as she stepped on a thorn and turned on her side to pull it from her paw.
"I'd rather die than stay under rule of those wolves, the scum." she muttered.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Reamo stuggled to keep his voice steady anad calm, but his voice had an edge of confidence. He raised his head, looking the wolf in the eye. "Id sooner die then submit to a wolf like you"

Kuni squeezed his eyes shut, brushing slightly against Kari. He could almost invision Reamo's blood puddling on the ground, the stickyness as it oozed overf his paws...and he knew that unless Reamo gave in, his imagination wouold become reality.
(Feel free to hurt Reamo btw. Wound his pretty badley, I decide later if he lives or not.)

Oki noddded, following his scent trail back to camp. He padded in with his head held high, expecting some sort of greeting or scolding from his mother, but no one even noticed him.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(oooh....Okay, lets see. I'll play it enough for you to direct how hard he is hit.)

The black wolf's eyes showed pure fury and he lunged forward- intent to murder.
Kari's adrinaline level shot sky high and she crawled away a little, her eyes not leaving the black wolf and Reamo.
She tried to look at Kuni for assurance but she couldn't look away. She knew Reamo would be killed and not simply and nicely, if that was even possible for murder. She nearly blacked out as with open eyes she pictured the ground strewn with fur and blood, Reamo lying in the midst of it all and the black wolf then leans down and.... she stood shakily up and yelleda t the black wolf-
"No! YOu can't do thi-"
He whirrled and cuffed her, sending her spinning into something hard and then it went black.

jabber said...

(sorry i havnt been on much.)

Jabber quickly dropped his rabbit and ran up to Mirage and examined her foot. "So what happened to you back there?" He said.

Sky said...

Hikari cried out with surprise as Saharah collasped next to her. "Saharah!" She dashed to the former alpha. " Saharah! What's wrong!?" Saharah's eyes seemed to stare out at nothing. She felt was unsure of what happened, but a mass of worry suddenly weighed in her heart. Hikari pushed her muzzle against Saharah's neck and whined softley. "Saharah?"

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Kuni lunged foreward, nudging Kari, hoping for her to come to. When she didnt move, he looked up at Reamo with fearfull eyes, begging his with his gave to submit.

Seeing Kari hurt made Reamo sick to his stomach. While the black wolf was turned, looking at his victim, he lunged, hoping to catched to wolf slightly by surprise. He dug his teeth into it's neck. The two black wolves fought for a short time before Reamo was slammed into the ground, bleading heavily from a neck wound.
Kuni stared at the feathered male, trying not to tremble.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Mirage spat out the thorn and shrugged slightly.
"Ahh, they tried to attack me when I said I wouldn't hunt for them. But I should've known better- I backed down pretty quick when they narrowed in but I didn't get away without this," she gestured at her head. She was getting to be older in the years but she was still pretty hardy. She smiled at the young wolf.
"Ah, Jabber. We'll plow through this hard time just the same as moving to the new territory, you'll see."

Kari moaned softly but barely stirred.

The black wolf glared at Reamo with a new kind of hatred and lunged again- his expertise had trained him well. Many feathers decorated his fur and hackles and he already knew he would win this fight- but he wanted to draw it out. Pain was his goal.
The black wolf will watch as his friends are tortured and killed before him, then he will suffer even worse than the others. I swear it! he vowed in his head. He grasped Reamo by the neck and slammed him against a tree, causing the already raw wound to cause near-unbearable pain. He laughed harshly.
"See what you have caused yourself, fool! Now you will all die!" his eyes went to Kuni and he licked the blood from his lips with relish.
"I'm always ready for another," he grinned, his yellow eyes flashing. And as he turned and artfully sent another hard kick at Reamo he started forward for Kuni.
(I like writing about evil. lol- it's fun)

jabber said...

Jabber walked back over to his rabbit, picked it up and went back over to mirage, dropped it in front of her and said "Well that'll do it to you, those wolves will stop only at thier own death to defeat us. I would like to know how they get so much stronger then us someday. here, have some rabbit." He then ripped the rabbit open and split it evenly for the two wolves.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Reamo moaned, searing fire-like pain engulfing his body. He opened his eyes slightly, focusing on the pools of crimson. No wolf can bleed that much and live he realized. He willed himself to black out, to escape the pain and to die peacefully. His last thought before he spiraled into the darkness of unconsiousness was I hope Kira is safe...

Kuni looked at the ground. Well, I'll die if I don't try... Kuni rolled over onto his back, ears back in submitance.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Mirage gasped as Jabber split the rabbit.
"Thats breaking the pack code!" she hissed. She glanced around the forest. "Those new wolves'll kill you if they find ou-" just then a rustling noise came from behind her and she jumped, spinning around and panting heavily.
"No, please no..." she whispered.

(No, please no! Reamo!!!)
The black wolf snarled at Kuni- in strange seemingly slow motion, Kari leapt from her position, contiousness regained but still dizzy. She sank her teeth into his neck and bit down fiercely, with no intention of letting go. The balck wolf, taken by surprise, stumbled slightly and shoved at her.
"Graah! Get uff!" he gurgled as blood flowed from his neck and out his mouth.
"Kxgh! Kgg! Ugk!" he stumbled, falling to the ground. His eyes showed horror and shock and he glanced at Kuni and then his eyes stared at nothing as he tensed up, went rigid and then...fell limp, Kari standing over him. Kari let go of his neck, frozen. Her eyes were fixed on the black wolf's face, blood dripping down her muzzle and face and out of her mouth....

Saharah shook her head and tried to smile at Hikari.
"I'm fine...I'm..It's fine" she shook her head again and then stood and began pulling at the elk again.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Mirage gasped as Jabber split the rabbit.
"Thats breaking the pack code!" she hissed. She glanced around the forest. "Those new wolves'll kill you if they find ou-" just then a rustling noise came from behind her and she jumped, spinning around and panting heavily.
"No, please no..." she whispered.

(No, please no! Reamo!!!)
The black wolf snarled at Kuni- in strange seemingly slow motion, Kari leapt from her position, contiousness regained but still dizzy. She sank her teeth into his neck and bit down fiercely, with no intention of letting go. The balck wolf, taken by surprise, stumbled slightly and shoved at her.
"Graah! Get uff!" he gurgled as blood flowed from his neck and out his mouth.
"Kxgh! Kgg! Ugk!" he stumbled, falling to the ground. His eyes showed horror and shock and he glanced at Kuni and then his eyes stared at nothing as he tensed up, went rigid and then...fell limp, Kari standing over him. Kari let go of his neck, frozen. Her eyes were fixed on the black wolf's face, blood dripping down her muzzle and face and out of her mouth....

Saharah shook her head and tried to smile at Hikari.
"I'm fine...I'm..It's fine" she shook her head again and then stood and began pulling at the elk again.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Kuni had quickly leapt to his paws when he saw Kari move. He stared for a moment, then padded next to Kari, guiding her away from the black wolf's body with gentle nudges. He forced her to lay down next to Reamo before turning to the healer, pressing his ear against the healer's chest. He listened intently, but heard nothing, saw no rise and fall in his flank, felt no breeze from his mouth. Kuni sat infront of Reamo's body and howled, a call of sadness and a call for help, calling for Kira to come to say goodbye. Tears clouded his vision.

Jabber said...

"What code? whats going on?!" Jabber said urgently.

Zoraz/owner said...

Mirage choked back a nervous cry as she hissed back-
"The Pack code! You can't eat what you catch- it must be shared by the pack and-!!" the wolf burst from the bushes and Mirage yelped, then a wave of relief crashed over her as she recignized the face.
(Wanna have it be Talon, Kurow?)


Kari lay beside the black wolf, frozen with fear and shock.

Kira's head snapped up and fear clutched her very soul. Her eyes shot to Yeti with horror.
"Yeti! Please come-" she whispered as she ran towards Kuni's cry.
Frazko shoved past a black wolf towards his son.
"Kuni. Reamo?" he whispered to himself. He tried hard not to think what had happened.

jabber said...

"sorry, i didnt know. what are you so worried about?" Jabber said quetly.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

(And cool it! I think I have to make sure Reamo lives. I dont think that I can physically kill Reamo- my fingers wont allow that.)

Talon trotted out of the woods. "I didnt think I was that scary." She joked, but she seemed a little distracted, almost worried, sadness clouding her eyes. "You hunting?"

Kuni looked up at father. "I-I think," A sob shook his body. "I think he's dead..."

Shenzi raced after Yeti and Kira, panicked.

Yeti sprinted into the clearing, quicklt taking in the situation, his eyes stotic. He leaned over Reamo, listening for a pulse. "He's alive, for now at least." he turned. "Someone, find Saharah. She was hunting by the cliffs."

(This is the perfect opputunity to bring Kuni and Kari together. Like Kuni refuses to leave Kari's side while shes recovering. Email me with your ideas. For Kuni's background, he has a crush on her but it afraid to say anything.)

Sky said...

( right now I think Hikari, Reamo, and Saharah are hunting. I know Reamo refused, but I had forgotton the other wolves. I wasn't paying very much attention in the beginning =p)

Hikari looked Saharah over with a worried eye. She seemed more frail that she did before she collasped. Hikari looked over to Kurow and then back at Saharah; she wasn't sure exactly what they should do. "Perhaps we should have Reamo check you before we enter camp. He should be around looking for herbs... At least that's what I remember hearing after leaving." Hikari suggested quietly; but then it turned to an almost authoritive tone. "I don't want my alpha to exert herself until she has nothing left after everything you and Yeti have done for Mistypack."

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

(Oh right, Kurow's supposed to be there...just occured to me.)

Kurow looked at Saharah worriedly, then pricked his ears at Kuni's howl. Listening closer, he could hear frantic trashing through the forest, crys of worry, the names Reamo and Kari restated over and over, and just barely picked up on the word 'dead'. He turned to Hikari, sure that she had heard.

jabber said...

"Yeah, and you guys, can you please tell me why your so distracted." Jabber said.

Sky said...

Hikari pricked her ears after hearing Kuni's howl. Stiff with surpise, she listened to the frantic sounds coming from the forest. She was able to hear terrible things, but she shut it out so it was nothing more than just sounds. A eerie feeling crept through her entire body. "We'll leave this here! We need to help!" Hikari barked quickly. She turned and started sprinting to where the sounds came from. She didn't even look back to see if Kurow and Saharah were following. What...what the heck is going on?

Zoraz said...

Frazko was frozen. he gave a piercing howl, calling to the other alpha.

Kari stared in front of her with vacant eyes.

Saharah's head whipped upwards.
"The pack," she whispered. She tgore off towards the call of the beta.

Mirage laughed at Talon with reliefe.
"No, you're not scary. Jabber was starting to eat the rabbit- he didn't know about the code. I thought you were a guard.." Her ears pricked as she heard a howl.
"That's frazko!"

jabber said...

Jabber picked up his rabbit and ran to the camp and took his rabbit to a pile of small prey(is there one? if not then he took it to wherever he is supposed to take it to.) then ran back to Mirage and talon.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Shenzi pricked her ears, waiting for Saharah's arrival.

Kuni padded closer to Kari, shispering in her ear. "Thank you for saving me." he murmered, holding her gaze.