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When complications hit Mistypack, Saharah (the alpha) decided to take instant action against the invading uprights, shortage of food and overall bad territory. They then put some distance between that territory (around 200 miles worth) even with the new pups of the alphas and betas. Long story short, an enemy wolf was recruited, then turned against them and became alpha by force. Terror and bad times followed his reign and a battle is currently raging.

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An uprising started by Sako surged through the pack and they revolted against the guards. The battle is raging and wolves from both sides are falling. Who will triumph? Add your attacks to the battle by commenting in the newest post!


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Monday, November 12, 2012


Sako shoved his shoulder against the edge of the pit for what seemed like the millionth time. He was weakening in body, but strengthening in spirit. If he could just get those guards to leave he might be able to get out of here. He could get back, talk to Hikari maybe, and get the revolution against the tribal wolves started! He stepped back a few steps and lunged again, throwing the whole weight of his shoulder against it. Pain suddenly seared through his leg and he gritted his teeth, staggering back.
"Agh," he muttered. He had landed full on a sharp point in the walls. He tested his weight on the leg. He could stand easily. Luckily it wasn't going to stay painful--it was only a bruise. He glanced up subtly and saw the guards watching him and muttering to themselves. A plan formed swiftly in Sako's mind and he tested his leg again, this time yelping shrilly and falling onto his haunches, pretending to whimper in pain. This caused even more muttering between the two guards, as well as evil smirks and grins. Sako made a great show of not being able to use that leg, getting up and whimpering and then yelping when he even bumped it. 
"Hah. He can't do anything now, he's even more hepless. It's not like he can get out anyway." one guard said to the other two.
"Yeah, come on, I'm starved. Lets grab some elk or something." the other growled. The third one stayed beside the pit though.
"No, we shouldn't. If Karuso or Oki knew-"
"Oki and Karuso aren't here!" the first speaker turned and snarled, cuffing the wolf on the side of the face.
"You're scared of little, bitty, runt Oki?" the second wolf said, his eyes glittering with malice.
"I-I'll tell Oki how you two haven't been following orders to watch the p-pit..." he almost whispered. This was the wrong thing to say. Sako had stopped yelping and whining and had paused in the shelter of a area in the shadows where he could watch them.
"Well, we can't have that can we?" the first wolf, Rouge shook his head in mock sympathy. Tasho, the second wolf nodded, his ears flat down in mock sadness and dispairing sympathy.
"We can't have you scared by the little runty pup, can we, Kra? No, no." Tasho joined in, moving in towards Kra. Even though his face showed sadness, his eyes showed murder. Sako felt himself grow sick watching the wolves turn on each other.
Kra's legs were shaking. His eyes had turned to pure fear.
"L-look, guys...all I meant, was.....well..."
"YOU'RE A BUNCH OF COWARDS!" bellowed Sako from below. He didn't know what had made him yell it. Maybe it was the same fear in Kra's eyes he had seen in his brother's, maybe it was just pent up anger. Tasho and Rouge stopped, glaring down at Sako. Kra didn't take his eyes off of the two wolves. His head was lowered and he started to try and slink futher back but Rouge lunged suddenly, grasping him and shoving him halfway over the edge, holding him for a moment to stare into his eyes.
"You'll be safe from Oki here." he hissed. Kra's eyes widened and then Rouge let go and Kra plunged to the bottom of the cave. Sako leapt out as he fell and softened his blow, letting him roll off of his back and onto the ground.
"Bad luck," growled Sako.
Up above the two wolves snickered and bounded off, licking their lips in anticapation.
Kra stood up, the fearing look in his eyes were gone.
"Bad luck? Hah. No way. I was trying to get in here."
Karuso smiled at all the wolves doing his bidding. Things were great. He had a whole pack of wolves doing whatever he told them to do and food whenever he wanted it. Some of the guards seemed to have been acting strangely, but the whole pack was strange--if they started acting up he could simply kill them. He had released Delta and the others at the point of another guards who pointed out that they would be of better use hunting elk and catching food for his majesty. "His majesty". Karuso liked the sound of that. All he had to do now was to get rid of Oki. Or maybe he would keep him around for a short while...
Sako snorted.
"Right." he rolled his eyes. Was Kra really going to try and play it off like this?
"No, really, Sako. You're brother sent me. I'm with you guys. I'm going to help the revolution." he barked taking a step forward.
Sako turned. He still didn't believe him fully, but hope soared in his chest.
"What's my brother's name and where did you hear about this so-called revolution?" he growled.
"Delta. Brother of Kari. Your mom is Saharah, mate of Yeti. I've been on your side since we came here. I've just not been able to prove myself. There's a whole team of guards who are for your pack. I managed to get Delta and the others out of the pens. Their doing fine. Their spreading the word about the revolution right now, that's why I got down here. Delta said you two had been training specially? Figuring out better ways to fight or something. Ways to get out of a seemingly impossible situation or something?"
Sako laughed a little.
"Sort of. I've been waiting for you guys to leave before I try to get out. I guess this is my chance. Whats the plan so far?"
Kra nodded and glanced upwards before speaking in a low tone.
"The guards are mingling with the others. Everybody is ready to attack, we're just waiting for the order."
Sako cocked his head.
"Who's going to give the order? Who have we been waiting for?" he asked.


Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Fenrir, one of the 'rebel' gaurds, poked his head over the top of the pit. "Enjoying yourself down there, Kra?" He asked, somewhat teasingly, laying down, his front legs hanging over the side of the pit. "I dismissed Roue and Tasho, by the way, so feel free to talk." He barked casually, his navy eyes glinting with amusment.

Sky said...

Endure sniffed at the morsal of frozen rabbit. It was edible, but perhaps something she'd rather leave out for the flies...if there were any. Suddenly she gave in to the cruel hunger that ate away every ounce of fat of her belly. The white fur of her 'meal' wriggled its way in between her teeth and caused her some grief as she slowly chewed it. Bitter and frozen it was, quite distgusting in general. But she had to lower her pride and finally swallow that last bite. "Uhgg." She groaned. She stood up to shake out her fur and peek around the camp. The days were hazy and bleak, and she struggled to find a point in staying. She was better off being exiled....but her inner insticts went against every bit of the idea. Instead of running, she wanted to fight! She wanted to spill the blood of all these guards...and take revenge for everthing they'd done to her. No, she wouldn't lower herself to their level, but she'd give them scars they'd never forget.

Hikari was sitting on the edge of camp, avoiding the gazes of any wolf. Some wolves who passed only saw a wolf filled with despair, while others thought she was practically a mere ghost - appearing next to them without being so much as noticed. But all these wolves were wrong. Hikari was glaring at the ground, her growing fury penting up. Stratagies and plans continued to form in the depths of her mind, conjuring up the most precise of actions. She would sit for hours at a time...waiting...thinking...and knowing.

Zoraz said...

Sako glowered up at Fenrir.
"How do I know you're not a spy?" he snarled.

Delta padded quietly over to Hikari. His body was covered in red slash marks that had generously been applied by the guards by the anger he felt towards them erased any pain he may have felt.
"Whats the plan," he whispered to her, sitting down beside the white wolf and acting as if he were only cleaning his jet black fur.

Saharah was cleaning out Karuso's den. She had nearly become one of the guards now. She wasn't mean or cruel, but she didn't resist orders anymore and accepted the snarls and kicks without a word. She was no longer the proud golden furred alpha of Mistypack. She was the dull dirty brown colored no-wolf. As un-noticable as the slight winds that only move the tiniest of grassblades or the lightest of leaves.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

"He knows I'm not." Fenrir barked, motioning to Kra. "And you seem perfectly willing to trust him, but not me. Why? I have just as good of a chance of being on your side as him. Just saying." He shrugged slightly. Whatever. So, what's the plan?"

Zoraz/Saharah/Owner said...

Kra nodded.
"He's cool," he gestured at Fenrir. Sako paced around the back side of the den.
"What is this. Have I been appointed Alpha of the Revolution?" he questioned with a half laugh. "I don't know. Let me get out of here first and I can start planning." as he said this he took a running start, leapt onto Kra's back and vaulted off, upwards onto a small pawhold, grasped two others and vaulted himself higher till he was out.
"Okay, now I can plan." he grinned.
Down below Kra (keh-rah or Ker-ah) looked impressed.
"Whoa. Yeah, you're the alpha, all right. I don't know any other wolf that can do that move," he laughed.
"Come on. Help me outta here, Fenrir!"

Zoraz/Saharah/Owner said...

Kra nodded.
"He's cool," he gestured at Fenrir. Sako paced around the back side of the den.
"What is this. Have I been appointed Alpha of the Revolution?" he questioned with a half laugh. "I don't know. Let me get out of here first and I can start planning." as he said this he took a running start, leapt onto Kra's back and vaulted off, upwards onto a small pawhold, grasped two others and vaulted himself higher till he was out.
"Okay, now I can plan." he grinned.
Down below Kra (keh-rah or Ker-ah) looked impressed.
"Whoa. Yeah, you're the alpha, all right. I don't know any other wolf that can do that move," he laughed.
"Come on. Help me outta here, Fenrir!"

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

Laughing slightly, Fenrur grabbed a long. Thick stick and lowered it into the pit. "I'll pull you up." He barked, his words muffled by the stick.

Zoraz said...

Kra nodded and grasped the stick firmly in his teeth, holding tightly with his paws also. Sako helped as they tugged hard and pulled him upwards. Kra clambered onto the edge and shook his fur. Thunder sounded in the distance.
"Storm's brewing in more than one way," he muttered. Sako nodded.
"What do we do now."

Sky said...

*hmmm, I'll take all the credit for making this up,lols jk =P Tell me if this is ok*

Hikari's eyes slowly postitioned themselves so that they only could glimpse at the wolf who took a seat next to her. She reconized it was Delta at once, and she gave a small flick of her tail to greet him. She let his question hover in the air for a few moments before glancing around for any unwanted ears. They were far from any other wolf currently; Hikari let out a breath.
"Allies of Mistypack are hidden amongst the guards." She whispered ever so cautiously."I've sought many out the past weeks. There are obviously more cowards than there are murderous feigns-I've concluded by observing them." Hikari flcked her blue orbs over at Delta and to watch his reaction.

Kurow/Shenzi/Brookstep said...

"We prepare to fight, of course!" Fenrir barked with mock cheer, his eyes sparking with amusment.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(I'm good with it!)

Delta nodded slightly.
"Good observation. Do you have any idea when or if we plan on attacking?" he murmured, licking his foreleg so his mouth was hidden.

Sky said...

Hikari's stoic expression changed. It became grim and almost distant as she whispered, "I want to avoid fighting." Her head lowered more. A black vortex seemed to haunt her vision as the memories throbbed in her head. "The blood spilled will turn the snow red, wolves will die, starvation will consume the pack, and unforgivable sins will make us no better than them." She paused once again, trying to form words that lingered on her tounge. "Yet I see no possible way to avoid fighting. We have three main options: take them by surprise, pick them off one by one, or wait until summer where we both will be at the peak of our strength. There are other options, but they would catagorize into these three groups."

(Goodness I love writing an awesomely smart Hikari!!! Though, I have to admit that she is a bit Mary-Sueish. Bad past, bad situations, smart, beautiful, kind, wise...lols)

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Loooove Hikari. Gasp! Zoraz, you love Hikari?? Who knew?!?!?)

Delta nodded, his expression blank.
"We'll have to fight in the end," he growled. He glanced up and saw several guards eating a elk that had just been brought in.
"It's gonna have to be soon, too."

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Sako nodded.
"Come on, Kra, Fenrir, lets go!" he barked, running towards the camp. Adrinaline began flowing through him. Thunder boomed in the distance matching the sound of his pounding paws.