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When complications hit Mistypack, Saharah (the alpha) decided to take instant action against the invading uprights, shortage of food and overall bad territory. They then put some distance between that territory (around 200 miles worth) even with the new pups of the alphas and betas. Long story short, an enemy wolf was recruited, then turned against them and became alpha by force. Terror and bad times followed his reign and a battle is currently raging.

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An uprising started by Sako surged through the pack and they revolted against the guards. The battle is raging and wolves from both sides are falling. Who will triumph? Add your attacks to the battle by commenting in the newest post!


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

...After The Battle...

Saharah limped up to the top of the large rock and looked down at what was left of the pack. She didn't need to howl because everybody had already been waiting for Saharah.
"Misty pack...........we've suffered intense losses and injuries....Dekota, Alison and anybody else who knows any manner of Healing will be needed as often as they are able to help. Those who have been killed will need to be taken care of too. But first, please take care of yourself. Five strong wolves joined us from Talho Pack and are of great value at this time. This is Shimmer, Dalto, Krader, Gasho and Trish." she spoke tonlessly and you could tell she was in great pain. She tried her best to lighten everybodies mood slightly in this dark time.
"The sun came out...!....." she said halfheartedly. She knew that they felt as she did, though. Hopeless, Devastated, anguished, miserable..... "Those who were killed in the battle or seriously injured are;
The ones that were killed are;
Tygris and I am not sure of any others yet...the seriously injured are;
Evening and Melanie......Luckily many loners have joined us and are still able to help. Few are Healers but all wolves know some healing. If you are able to heal, please help us!" she barked and then turned and limped down to where Yeti lay in his den.
"Yeti..? Are you....awake..?" she whispered.


Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

Yeti opened his eyes, but seemed a bit spaced out. "Sa...harah?" he asked quietly, looking pained.

♫§♥~Chile Panda, who trains with Chuck Norris~♥§♫ said...

(Look at last post to see how Dreamer replied to Rasho.)

Haku raised his head again."Can someone help me?" He rasped once more. He managed to keep his head up this time, hophing they could tell he was alive.

♦♥Alado/Shade♥♦ said...

Frost limped over to Haku and nosed him gently. "Are you alright?" She barked.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Saharah shushed Yeti softly.
" need to rest." he had cobwebs and herbs covering his body and they were healing him quickly. Saharah glanced over at Haku and grimaced at the sight of his wounds.
"Alison! Dekota! I need one of you to help Haku!" she barked.

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

Yeti layed his head back down and closed his eyes. "" he barked slowly.

♫§♥~Chile Panda, who trains with Chuck Norris~♥§♫ said...

Haku sighed with relief when Frost came."I suppose I'm alright, but my body sure isn't." He looked down at the pool of blood that was left my his wounds.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

"DO YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP IN THIS CONDITION!??! LIE DOWN SO YOU CAN GET BETTER AND THEN YOU CAN HELP!!!" growled Saharah at Yeti. She gently pushed his head down and then turned to the Camp to see what other wolves needed intant assistance. (Sorry caps. Gotta leave--can't change it.)

☮Alina☯Bailey said...

Alison ran to haku and barked "Frost, help me carry him to the med. den." then she started to pull him over.

♫§♥~Chile Panda, who trains with Chuck Norris~♥§♫ said...

Haku winced as he was pulled up, then tried to help them. He put his paw on the ground, but jerked it away at the slicing pain that pressure put on it.

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

Yeti sighed, feeling useless.

Shenzi sat in the clearing, looking a bit frantic trying to watch everything with only on eye.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

A pretty female loner named Shard finished putting herbs on River, Melanie and Blaze and came over to Shenzi.
"Wow; you were really defending your pack!" she exclaimed in a good natured way. "My name is Shard. I take it you're Shenzi. Too bad....I don't htink you'll be able to see out of thi eye again....." she suddenly muttered. She chewed on some herbs for a moment to get them soft and ground up and then spat them out onto a leaf that was wrapped in Cobwebs.
"This will hurt a bit," she barked as she tried her best to softly place the banadge on Shenzi's eye. ((I'm kinda getting going here so I'm gonna keep doing but say if Shenzi resists; I don't wanna make Shenzi wear it if you have other plans. That's why I said "TRIED to put it on"..)
A young tan wolf named Razor was finished wrapping Flare's eye in a strong bandage.
"Black Widow webs are the best for wounds," he barked at Flare. He winked good naturedly. All of the loners seemed to be making everybody in a better mood. "Remember that if you can--It will save you some trouble if your hurt and no Healer is around." he smiled at the young wolf and Flare returned the friendlyness.
"Thanks, Razor." she barked. Razor nodded and stated that he was glad to help and that it was the least he could do before he turned and trotted towards Saharah.
"Whoa..! We'll have this fixed in a moment." he barked as he abserved her broken paw. He sniffed it and then gave her a few herbs to eat.
"They may be bitter, I know, but eat them and they will dull the pain and help the bone to rejoin." Saharah nodded and ate them without much expression.
"Thanks. I'm really happy your helping," she barked as she swallowed. He smiled and then shrugged.
"It's the least I can do, Alpha. I couldn't stand to stay on the side-lines and watch." he growled as he glowered at Talho Pack who was re-gathering and figuring out their next plans. He carefully unfolded a wad of strong web and some string he had found and he began to wrap it around Saharah's paw.
"I have to move the paw so it will be able to heal properly. Many wolves don't think of this but if you don't it won't join back properly. Unknown to many wolves; you CAN stop crippling with adjusting it." as he carried on this conversation he twisted the paw suddenly so it would fix well. Saharah yelped with pain as he paw was awkwardly twisted and put back into place. "Lucky," muttered Razor. "This paw only broke one bone intead of the whole conection. You may be able to walk on it sooner than usual!" he straightened up and examened his work. He nodded aproval at himself and then lowered his head in a submissive and honering state towards Saharah.
"Thank you so much, Razor. You would be a valuable Pack Member if you are willing to commit...Misty Pack would welcome you." she barked hintingly. "But no pressure. Even though we lost many wolves and are weak-- I don't want anywolf to join only because they felt pressured." she quickly added. Razor nodded understandly.
"I'll think about it, Saharah. Thank you for the offer." he then turned towards another group of injured wolves.
"Now lets see what we have here...A torn claw..Wow! You really must have given those wolves something to think about!!".......

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

Sehnzi sat still and sighed as her eye was wrapped, wondering if she'd be aboe to keep her position as beta.

Trajj smiled weakly at a young male loner who was standing over her. He sat down and worked on her leg. "You are..?" he asked, sounding relaxed. "Im Trajj." She barked. "You?" The male smiled slightly. "Im Kamodo. Great to meet you." He bent over her ingured leg. "Lets see what we got here....A break in one of the two bones. Completly snapped. Must have been fighting pretty hard to get that kind of ingury." he smaiuled cooly at her. Trajj couldnt help but blush. "So, I heard you brother was killed." Kamodo attempted to start a conversation." "Yeah. IM fine though." Trajj lied. He looked her in the eyes. "Somwhow I can tell thats not true." he barked softly. Trajj nodded solemnly, slipping away into tears. Kamodo nuzzled her comfortingly. "Its okay to cry." he bark softly. They sat in silence.

♦♥Alado/Shade♥♦ said...

"Don't try to do anything." Frost noticed when he tried to stand. "It'll only hurt."

Hawk looked at everyone his sister, Frost seemed okay enough though he could tell she was in a bit of pain by the way she winced when her one unijured eye blinked. He too winced himself as he tried to stand on his hurt paw.

Jazz shied away from everyone. His heart hurt and his eyes stung from the tears that threatened to fall. "She can't be gone! She just can't!"

♫§♥~Chile Panda, who trains with Chuck Norris~♥§♫ said...

Haku nodded and obeyed what Frost said.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Shard grimaced at Jazz sympatheticly as she saw the young wolf getting frantic while tryign not to cry. She decided it was best not to speak and just to let him accept it on his own time.

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

Kamodo and Trajj sat together in silence for some time before Trajj asked, "Kamodo....are you going to join Mistypack?" Kamodo cocked his head. "WIll you help me get used to it?" Trajj nodded. "Well then, i will." Kamodo decided. "LEts go talk to Saharah." The two wolves padde dup to their alpha. "Saharah, can Kamodo stay with us?" Trajj asked.

♦♥Alado/Shade♥♦ said...

Jazz glared at his packmates. If they were his true family they wouldn't have let Jade die. He would evenge her death, one day but he had to train, and train hard.
(Don't mind him, just taken the anger out on his packmates XD Though I'm basing this off if I ever lost my twin.. I wouldn't be THAT mean though LOL)

"What happened?" Frost asked Haku. "How did you get hurt so bad?"

Evening weezed, her breath coming in shallow gasps. She didn't know if she'd be able to make it through the rest of the day.

(Might kill her off, I play to much wovles XD)

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

Saharah nodded unthusiasticly. Many new wolves were joining and them being Loners made it better as they had all the skills they needed to stay alive--healing fighting and hunting. Loners were very valuable. Shard and Razor had been healing all the wolves in the pack and were still working very hard. On top of that they were giving everybody a positive attitude. She looked nervously at Evening.
"Are.....are you okay..? Komodo- do you know any healing skills? Evening looks pretty bad," she barked as she limped over to Evening's side.

River said...

River was growled at no one but the big black wolf who had killed her mother and brother. she felt a fierce feeling mixed with the need for revenge, hatred for the black wolf, pain and fury. suddenly she got up and walked stiffly right to the enemy pack and then scanned through them. she quickly found her opponent who was to her plesure on the edge of the crowd she quickly snapped at his tail and danced away. the bait was taken as he raced after her. River skidded to a halt where he would think she was trapped. he fell for it and raced in after her. she turned into a whirlwind of savage teeth and blind fury. she nearly tore him to shreds but before she lay down the final blow to his neck she growled "This is for killing my brother and mother you rabid half bred malamute!" the black wolfs eyes widened he stumbled "H-h-how did you know i am half ma-ma-malamute?!!" River narrowed her eyes and growled "Because of your gait! you walk not trot. but to hide it you walk fast or trot then walk fast on and off again. now tell me what do you want your last words to be?" the black wolf growled "Your mother killed my mate. i had every right to kill her!" "and my brother? how about nearly killing my sister also? and leaving me in blackness?" River countered. the black male snarled "You attacked me!" "because you killed our mother!" "and she killed my mate!" "because she was invading our territory!" they went back and forth snarling. it ended these next snarls. "she should not have been fighting nor should her pups have been here then!" River snarled. "Alphas orders." "well then here is the payment you have for joining him." when the black wolfs mouth opened to protest she cut him off with a sharp snap of "I know both you and your mate where evil to the marrow. and here is your payment." then she growled "Last chance. any last words?" the black wolf looked hoplessly first her her paw planted firmly on his chest, then up to her face and narrowed amber eyes, then around the small indent in the rock then back to her face. suddenly he seamed a million tree lengths away. her eyes grew cloudy. "on a day with no sun brown will meet white and black will meet black. only the strongest and purest can revive." he murmered. Rivers eyes widened and her paw on his chests firm grip slackened she growled low "H-h-how did you know the words of the call!" he looked at her and barked "White and black where never ment." no at all answering her. suddenly an image showed in her head. a white wolf laying dead and bloody. then the color changed to brown and the fur more bloody. she snarled with fury and then shredded at the wolfs neck and watched the blood pour. she growled to him "You shall not die swift and painless but slow and painful as a conseqense for your evil." then stood watching her eyes slits of hatred

♦♥Alado/Shade♥♦ said...

Evening tried lifting her head when she saw Saharah.

Brookstep/Zebra/Shenzi said...

(River, that may count as powers)

Kamodo nodded, and started to heal Evening, but kept close to Trajj.

♦♥Alado/Shade♥♦ said...

(Should I kill her off?)

Evening watched Kamodo, her muscles hurting, she had never felt so much pain in her life.

Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training said...

(Aww....poor Evening.....flip a coin in rl if you really can't decide. I'd like to keep her. I mean, the more the merrier!)
Saharah bolted over to River.
"Who was that?? What just happened! I demand to know!" she barked fiercly. "We don't kill unless it is in self-defence!!" she added with a snarl. "Who was that? A member of Talho pack?" she gave River a withering stare.
Shade, another loner who had joined Misty Pack, leapt over to Evening and Kamodo.
"Nice," he barked in a attempted joke. He hurriedly unwrapped some strong ivy and plant roots, some to crush into pulp and some to tie on a bandage. He glanced at Kamodo.
"Here, hold this, willl ya?" he barked as he tried to have Kamodo help him so they could start a friendship. He handed the fellow loner a few herbs and roots to crush up and then turned back towards Evening and began to clean the wounds gently as possible.

♦♥Alado/Shade♥♦ said...

(I'll keep her :P )

Evening winced as he applied the poutlice but kept quiet. "Thanks," she smiled gratefully.